about homesong


Homesong nurtures an appreciation for things in the home done simply, beautifully, and with care.  This song sings of fresh cut wild flowers next to the farmhouse sink, cozy bed linens smelling of lavender and chamomile, dried sage cut from the garden hanging to dry for this Sunday’s roast, fire wood chopped and ready to warm our toes, and tidy cupboards filled with old odds and ends your grandmother used to make pies, stews, and cinnamon rolls. 

Homesong is rooted in the beauty of the ever changing seasons and what it means to truly make a house a home while riding the waves of motherhood.  This space celebrates the constant conversation we are in with Mother Nature and her ever-changing seasons.  Just as spring gardens grow from seed to fruit and dry autumn leaves blow through the warmer colors of the rainbow, we too as mothers and keepers of the home are ever-evolving and growing, our stories brimming with tales of the fierce love, sometimes pain and profound happiness.  

This little home on the internet celebrates simple tasks done within these four walls, and believes that chores and common doings of the day can be carried out thoughtfully and with intention.  It’s in this space that I invite you to embrace in the realness and beauty of homemaking and motherhood as I string together bits and pieces of our day like beads on a necklace. Homesong welcomes you as you are, values the notion that we are all trying, and that we all seek wholesome goodness that a well-cared for home embodies. Let’s seek magic in the mundane together, shall we? 


*I wholeheartedly believe in the beauty and power of inspiration; however, you may not take or use these words, images, or illustrations from this site without written permission.

Photograph Taken by wearetheparsons