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“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only great curiosity but great fulfillment.” – Sir David Attenborough 


Now that you’ve read Homesong Essential Wellness let us explore the importance and beauty of community when it comes to learning about a more natural way of living. There is much to be said about the comfort and inspiration one gets when banding with others around a common passion. By being a part of a supportive culture where sharing your journey is not only allowed but encouraged, you will discover how to best incorporate essential oils into the rhythm of your everyday. No matter your lifestyle, no matter your level of understanding or knowledge, we welcome you and invite you to join our family.

Our team is currently comprised of over 4,000 members of Young Living oil users from all over the world under the name Essential Families.  We have resources spanning all forms of social media and hold a wide variety of weekly online classes to help educate and empower those who seek guidance.  By becoming a part of our family, you will gain access to these resources and have mentors reaching out throughout the seasons, extending personal letters and simple guides showing you how they implement oils into their routine.  The good news is you don’t have to be alone in this and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  You can choose to a part of something big and beautiful and exciting.

Where to Start? 

If you are new to using oils and/or you want to start incorporating them into your everyday, I recommend you go the route of becoming a distributor and purchasing a WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP with a Premium Starter Kit.  This kit is a collection of 11 everyday oils that are extremely versatile and will create a beautiful foundation from which to start your journey.  Details below for wholesale members are outlined for you below:

  • Premium Starter Kit is $160 and gives you a home diffuser, oil samples, and the following pure therapeutic-grade essential oils: Lavender Oil, Thieves Oil Blend, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, Tea Tree Oil, R.C Oil, Stress Away Oil Blend, DiGize Oil Blend, Copaiba Oil, Frankincense Oil, and PanAway Oil Blend.
  • Essential Families team membership with continuing education.
  • 24% discount off your oils!
  • No monthly fees, just a yearly minimum purchase of $50 which is covered by your kit the first year.
  • You never have to sell as wholesale, but the option is there if you want to bring in income for your family or if you are eager to get your oils paid for. This commission is completely optional.
  • Ability to enroll in Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, a way to get free product if you know you’ll be ordering throughout the year or if you want to build up your holistic medicine cabinet.

If you are wanting to try one or two oils but are not interested in getting a discount or team membership, you can purchase as a RETAIL CUSTOMER.  This will enable you to get Young Living products shipped right to your door, but keep in mind, the wholesale membership opportunities will not be provided to you through a retail membership.

How to Order?

Click Here to Order and set up your Young Living account. My number should be under both Sponsor & Enroller ID, but if for some reason it does not show up, please enter: 1806811. If you have any questions, know you can always contact me personally, I am happy to help guide you!

With Care,