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Rest Retreat 2020 | Jan 01 | Welcome + Contemplation

January 01, 2020 Dear You, Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! I hope you were able to ring in this new season with

Homesong Rest Retreat 2020

Welcome to the annual Homesong Rest Retreat. To those of you who have been here before, welcome back! Like you,

Valentine Lemony Flower Cakes

I wonder, did whoever created Valentine’s Day choose to celebrate this day of love smack in the middle

Rest Retreat | Day 25 | New Things, New Rhythm, New Normal

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. How are you? All things are well and dandy over here! I meant to check in a

A Winter Song + a Poem by Wendell Berry

  Yesterday, and the quiet evening before it, the softest, fluffiest, whitest snow fell quietly all around

An Old + New (mini) Winter Home Tour

The Hearth  Old: colonial brick fireplace | iron coal carrier from grandpa, or as we use it, soot collector |