Holiday Giveaway with Darling Clementine | Want, Need, Wear, Read

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Hello there! Thank you for popping by and visiting today. It’s quite cold outside where we live and the four of us are keeping warm by not getting out of our jammies and drinking lots of honey tea. I have a really lovely holiday giveaway for you that I am excited about! In keeping with the theme that has worked well for our family, you have an opportunity to win a Want / Need / Wear / Read giveaway with $100 credit to Darling Clementine to help you out this Christmas. See details below to enter.

If you haven’t heard of Darling Clementine already, it’s a sweet little shop full of lots of special things for kiddos. And I am sure you’ve heard of the Want / Need / Wear / Read simple gifting philosophy, but in case it’s new to you, I wrote a post about it last year as to why it flows so smoothly for us. This year I am making the kids a few little items to go along with their four gifts, nothing too fancy, but wee stocking stuffers that I’ve been crafting on the weekends. The other items for their main gifts are ones we are purchasing from some of our favorite small shops from around the world with connections I’ve made on social media. It’s always so rewarding when supporting friends you’ve made and their small businesses, but then doing so for Christmas is even more special for everyone, the shop owners included!

As you know, by shopping small and/or local, you are doing a truly blessed thing for your community and for those who work so hard behind the scenes. Here are some of my absolute favorites from Darling Clementine, along with a few gifts we have for the kids this year as you can see pictures above. Theo is going flip over that dragon puzzle and I can’t wait to see how Stella laces up her little creature friends. I have broken the DC items I love down by their category and age group to make it easier for you if you’re still on the hunt for some gifts. The boy and girl items can of course be interchanged, but I listed what our kids would like or have liked specifically in the past. You can always mix and match!




  • Baby –
    • Orthodontic Paci because this was basically our life saver for the first year of Alfie’s life.
    • Paci Clip because this was basically our second life saver for the first year of Alfie’s life.
    • Muslin Swaddles because this was basically our third life saver for the first year of Alfie’s life.
  • Little Boy –
    • Alpha build is a great tool for learning letters and as a homeschool activity.
    • Felt Brushes in fun colors for arts and crafts.
    • Thermal Pants are so vintage and practical. These would work well for everyday wear, too.
  • Little Girl –



  • All of the Little Lit books are wonderful reads for ages 0-5. They are bright, beautiful, and durable. We use them in so many ways: for shape and color recognition, counting, simple before bed reading, and for games of eye spy.


To enter this holiday giveaway head over to my @mamawatters Instagram page and leave a comment about one thing you’d love from the shop. It doesn’t have to be from my list, so take your pick! You must also be following both shop owner Lindsay @lindsaymeyerharley on IG & Darling Clementine @shopdarlingclementine on IG as well to enter this giveaway, and then you can then tag as many people as you’d like. Go nuts. Tell your friends. The winner will be chosen on Friday evening, I’ll DM you. Darling Clementine is also giving you a 15% off discount (with code AMANDA) on your whole order though Friday at midnight. Best of luck to you!