Letters For Las Vegas | A Blessing For Nurses


Our hearts are so heavy this week. What happened in Las Vegas several days ago is unthinkable and just so incredibly sad. It’s difficult for me to comprehend the wide-spread ripple affect something like this can do to a community, to city, to a nation, but one thing I can know for sure, is just how important small acts of kindness are in fragile moments like this one we, as country, are wading through. They are everything, like little hugs of hope reminding others that the world is still a good and beautiful place. Stella and I decided it would be uplifting and thoughtful to share our appreciation and gratitiude for those who are working tirelessly caring for everyone who have been affected by this tragedy. It’s one small way we can help, a sliver of kindness that will hopefully bring a bit of warmth to several nurses, doctors, surgeons, and helpers who, in several states away, are offering their time, energy, expertise, hospitality, love, and compassion around the clock.

There’s a blessing I wrote in several cards, the one you see on the rainbow painted above. It was written by one of my favorite poet’s, John O’Donohue, who in this poem, blesses the valuable work nurses (and all hospital staff) do day in and day out. And if you too are a nurse who reads here, thank you for all that you do and give. You are a blessing to our world and your work is important.


“For A Nurse”

In this fragile frontier-place, your kindness         

Becomes a light that consoles the brokenhearted,

Awakens within desperate storms

That oasis of serenity that calls

The spirit to rise from beneath the weight of pain,

To create a new space in the person’s mind

Where they gain distance from their suffering

And begin to see the invitation

To integrate and transform it.

May you embrace the beauty in what you do

And how you stand like a secret angel

Between the bleak despair of illness

And the unquenchable light of spirit

That can turn the darkest destiny towards dawn.

May you never doubt the gifts you bring;

Rather, learn from these frontiers

Wisdom for your own heart.

May you come to inherit

The blessings of your kindness

And never be without care and love

When winter enters your own life. – John O’Donohue


If you have a moment to spare, I think sending a little snail mail love to Las Vegas hospitals is a wonderful way to share your heart and light right now. You can send your letters and notes to the addresses below:


Sunrise Hospital Las Vegas

3186 S. Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89019


UMC Hospital Las Vegas

1800 W. Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89102








  • finja - I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I found out about this tragedy. Sening love and light! <3
    x finja ~ http://www.effcaa.comReplyCancel

  • Serena - Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful blessing. I was wondering if you knew of any poems or blessings for those that have survived a tragedy? I have a family member affected by this horrible event and I’m searching for the right words to offer comfort.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

    – SerenaReplyCancel

  • rebecca - Beautiful and redemptive. Thank you. -a nurseReplyCancel

  • KATHERINE - Thank you for that beautiful poem. I am a hospice nurse in St. Louis.ReplyCancel

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