Slow & Seasonal Mood Board | Autumn Harvest at Home


Autumn Harvest at Home 

  1. Pottery Pie Dish for Baking
  2. The Perfect Dutch Oven for Roasting 
  3. A Cookbook for the Family 
  4. Linen Tablecloth for Hosting
  5. Beautiful Linen Napkins for Folding in Laps 
  6. A Farm Table for Gathering 
  7. Dried Gourds for Decorating 
  8. Hand-carved Spoon for Serving 
  9. Beeswax Tapers for Lighting 
  10. Seasonal Garland for Beautifying 
  11. Wood Bowls for Serving
  12. Golden Wheat Wreath for Enoying
  13. Enamel Sauce Pan for Simmering 
  14. Daily Apron for Cooking 
  15. Pretty Plates for Dining 
  16. Linen Coasters for Sipping 


Thanksgiving week is here! In the spirit of hosting and gathering, I thought I’d share some of my favorite autumnal home goods with you as one of my favorite slow-season holidays draws near. Contrary to what the stores would like to have you believe, it is indeed still autumn, and not yet Christmas. Are you an early decorator? We like keep pumpkins, gourds and our wheat wreath up until after turkey day, sometimes several days after, and then let our holiday decor trickle in throughout the season. But I am seeing SO much more easily holiday decor this year! But I get it – cozying up for the holidays and adding cheer around one’s home can really lift one’s spirits. And we are all in need of some spirit lifting.

But because we’ve got a month of autumn left, this mood board is a tribute to the season we in, and the one that brings us together. Autumn is a special time that invites us to harvest the seeds we planted throughout spring and summer, and to share our gratitude with others before the darkness of winter offers us a season of rest and renewal. I love this time of year so much because it’s when we get to really slow down our speed after summer and spend more quality time with friends and family. Above is a collection of things we both personally own and things I find to be a beautiful expression of the autumn harvest season we’re in and will be celebrating this week. I’ve added links for you to add some intentional beauty to your home either this year or next. And who doesn’t love a good mood board? I for one, very much do!


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