The Monthly Muse | September


I am starting up a new series dedicated to my monthly favorites at the shop called The Monthly Muse! In this post, I will share with you my fifteen favorite items from the shop and why they are special to me this particular month. I am going to do best to touch on all areas Homesong Market covers, offering you a glimpse into the why behind the items I curate and how they can be of use in your home. And bonus, each of these items are going to be discounted for those who take the time to visit this space and support my small business. It’s incredibly important to me that our loyal customers know they are are valued, and this is one small way I can show that appreciation. Keep reading to find out how you can access this loyalty reward discount. On to September, folks!


The Monthly Muse | September


  1. Copper Cleaning Cloths | As we inch into a new slower season, a deep clean of sorts is underway at home. Not as heavy duty as the kind of scrub the millwork and slap the rugs kind of cleaning that happens each spring, but one that focuses more on gathering the tools to help the use of certain seasonal items like cast iron pots and Dutch ovens. These copper cloths are a constant in our home, helping get the goo and grime off both cookware and cooking appliances alike. Tough enough to handle a good scrub, yet non-abrasive in nature, so you don’t have to worry about scratching precious surfaces.
  2. Homesong Market Coffee Beans | Our custom Homesong Market coffee blend is about to be put back on the kettle here in the shop! It got so blistering hot that we simply put it aside until now. With notes of praline, brown sugar, and apple, this locally made whole bean blend welcomes autumn in the most delicious way. We recommend you grind each batch to serve to get the most of your morning coffee experience. And the best thing about this product is that it’s made in small batches down the street to ensure quality and flavor. No stale beans here!
  3. To Do List | For the planners, the organizers, the ones who like to go analogue and write the do’s of the day down, this one is for you. I am this kind of person, and with all the tasks I need to keep straight with four kiddos now in school, this handy pad helps quite a bit. I love that it is both minimal, sleek, and small enough to be tucked into my work bag.
  4. Pine Charcuterie Boards | These stunners are new to the shop and I adore them. We are a family who loves a good cheese, meat and veggie platter on slow autumn weekends, and with six of us we need quite a bit to nibble on. I love that these boards are not only large enough for a huge spread, but that they are beautiful enough to display in the kitchen. Pine is such a timeless wood that pairs so well with many aesthetics, you are essentially buying a piece of art and dinnerware all in one.
  5. Lore Pemberton Puzzles | My dear friend and Vermont artist Lore painted these exquisite pieces of art that are now puzzles! Doing puzzles is a mindful way to slow down in the coming months and to clear your mind as the leaves start to change. Her art centers on the home and is full of so much depth and beauty. We have a new line coming in for the Winter months, so stay tuned for that!
  6. Recycled Wool Blanket | Every September when the evenings and mornings start to get a bit colder, I bring out the wool blankets and drape them on the ends of our beds. It’s not quite time for the fluffier down comforters, yet our linen sheets and bedcover simply doesn’t cut it. This recycled wool blanket is not only beautiful, but it is sustainably woven from a mixture of recycled wool and mixed recycled fibers. Recycling wool can be a challenge as the fibers can be too short to re-spin. A beautiful solution is to blend recycled wool with longer mixed fibers saved from landfill to create a soft and durable yarn, which is woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture. This design is both fun and nostalgic, and I love how it complements the colors in our home. =
  7. Terra Cotta Bread Warmer | For those who love to make bread, or just eat it (me), these handy little terra cotta bread warmers are a seasonal staple for the dinner table. Simply pop them in the oven for a few minutes, take it out and wrap it in a linen cloth, and place it in a basket or bowl to sit under your bread. It keeps the bread warm as you eat and is a delight for large gatherings.
  8. P.F. Seasonal Candle | What is a new season without a new seasonal candle to burn? Candles are a part of my everyday rituals, and these new scents of pumpkin, clove, persimmon, nutmeg, apple, and cinnamon are warming and nourishing at the same time. I recommend lighting one as you transition from work to home time, or visa versa. Scent is a powerful tool we can use to harness our creativity and to elevate our presence of the moment.
  9. Goat Hair Duster | Time to dust off the records and antique dinnerware! We are entering the season of entertaining, and this gorgeous dust brush is just the tool to help you out. The super soft goat hair gently picks up even the tiniest of particles, making it easy to clean the most delicate of items. We have had this brush in the shop since day one and it’ll always be a staple for me.
  10. Handmade Brooms | Our local broom maker and artist Amanda from Please Send Word creates the most wonderful brooms and brushes. I saw her at the local farmer’s market down the road and knew her creations would be a perfect fit in our shop. I love the care and craftmanship she gives every single piece. When you buy something that has been handmade from our shop, you are supporting both the maker and their craft, and the women that run our shop. Every time I use Amanda’s boom at home I feel more connected to the earth and to my community.
  11. Linen Napkins | We stopped using paper towels years ago and use cloth or linen napkins at home instead. These little sets have stood the test of time and have held up beautifully with many washes. I just added this rust color to our collection, and love the warmth it brings to our table.
  12. Quilted Pot Holders | Part of our rescue mission at the shop, these quilted hot pads are a part of our Homesong Handmade collection. Rather than see an old, tattered quilt get unnoticed or unused due to flaw and rips, we have decided to repurpose them into useful everyday objects, bringing a bit of old-fashioned aesthetic into our homes. With stews and soups on the horizon, these little fellas are sure to be of use in the kitchen. I love that they are all unique, each pot holder different from it’s brother’s and sisters, but all from the same quilt family.
  13. Pastry Candles | A thing no one needs, but my goodness, a treat now and then is a true pleasure and delight! These hilarious candles are too much. They bring me immense joy and that is why they are in the shop. You say there is a place in this wild unruly world where I can buy a both a toilet brush and a baguette candle? Yes, yes indeed.
  14. Long Nightdress | Cooler nights mean I can wear this lovely cotton nightgown and pretend I was born in Victorian England, with enough time in my day to read without interruption, drink copious amounts of Earl Grey, and stare longingly out manor house windowpanes into the thick fog rolling over the auburn oak trees. Without the tuberculosis, of course. This garment is giving me all the feels this month.
  15. Lint Remover | Because September means wool sweaters are going to need a good shaving to get ready for the temperature to drop! I love this handheld pill and lint remover. It does a swell job getting all the bits and balls I’d rather not have on my woolens.


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