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Making Time to Make | Thoughts On Feeding Your Creative Spirit

Dear Reader,   The dishwasher is full of steamy plates, bowls and cups waiting to be put away, and the

Upcycled Woolly Mittens

Have you ever found yourself standing in the laundry room, rather annoyed by incredible the shrinking and felting

Zero-Waste Home | Beeswax Fabric Food Covers

Several posts ago I wrote about some zero-waste practices we have been recently implementing at home. Trying

Letters For Las Vegas | A Blessing For Nurses

Our hearts are so heavy this week. What happened in Las Vegas several days ago is unthinkable and just so

Handwork | Felted Needle Books

Happy new week, friends! I’ve been working on some darling felted needle books and I thought some of you

Handmade Herbal Smoke Cleansing Sticks

“The practice of smudging, or purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs, can help clear negative