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Rest Retreat | Day 25 | New Things, New Rhythm, New Normal

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. How are you? All things are well and dandy over here! I meant to check in a

Rest Retreat | Day Seven | Restoring Your Rhythm & Tidying Technology

D A Y  s e v e n   Yesterday was the first New Moon of this New Year, and today on this new day of this new

Rest Retreat | Day Three | Checking-In

D A Y  t h r e e   Hello, friends. How’s it going? How are you feeling today? Take a moment right now

Rest Retreat | Day One | Happy New Year’s!

D A Y  o n e   Happy New Year’s dear friends! If you’re reading this for the second annual Rest Retreat, I

Newspaper Noel Stars, Mindful Meditation, and Other Holiday Magic

It was a fairly quiet week and weekend over here at the Watters’ home, and it was much needed by

Homesong Rest Retreat | Straightening Up & Moving Forward – Part II

There has been a lingering question in my mind surfacing from time to time throughout our Rest Retreat,