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Show & Tell | The Ing’s of Late-Spring

Loving | my new granny chic chair in the kitchen! It’s the perfect place to start the day with a warm cup

Show & Tell | The Ings of Mid Winter

Dreaming | about what it will feel like to live fully in our new home this Spring. This Spring! We are all in

Show & Tell | The Ing’s of Mid-Autumn

  Crafting: autumn Waldorf window stars to bring some color and warmth into our home as we inch towards

Show & Tell | The ings of Early Spring

Reading | Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer to kick off our Homesong Book Club this April!

Show & Tell | The Ing’s of Late Summer

Practicing: a workout called barre3   – a combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates. I am five classes

Show + Tell | Ing’s Of Late Spring

  Adventuring: outdoors with my little crew as much as possible. We have been picking two new places each