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Show & Tell | The Ing’s Of Early Summer

Watching: House of Cards on Netflix #teamclaire Crafting: paper sun printing and experimenting with

Show & Tell | Meet Angus “Gus Gus” Watters!

Meet Angus! He’s the newest fluffy member of our family, a blue merle miniature Australian shepherd

Show & Tell | the -ing’s of Early Spring

Watching: The Mind of a Chef (Netflix) + Girls (HBO) + Abstract (Netflix) Crafting: chore charts for the

Show & Tell Round 4 | Tiny Irish Butterpats + TED Talks + Poetry & Silence + Dating + Streaks App

How darling are these itty-bitty butterpats? My mom and dad just returned from a trip to Ireland and

Show & Tell Round 3 | Tasha Tudor + Oranges + Fear + The Innocence Mission + Soup

Why, hello there creative ones and dear makers of the world. This one’s for you. Though I strongly

Show & Tell Round 2 | Bill Murray + INFJ + Brene Brown + Dead Poet’s Society + Sewing

What is it feel like to be you? I mean, really…what does it feel like right now, in this very moment, to