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Some Mornings

Some mornings, I wake up with day-old contacts on day four, maybe five, feeling as though I’ve never left that

Dear Introvert | Part I: Some Truths About Being an Introvert

Dear Introvert,   This is for you, my dear introverted friend. For the reader on the other side of this

Mindful Morning | 8 Nature-Based Rituals (for Mothers and Introverts!) To Begin Your Day

  Are you an early bird or a late snoozer? I am a pinch both in this season of life both writing nearly

Homesong Book Club 2019 + April’s Monthly Selection

Earlier this morning as I was helping Stella get ready for school she looked out the window at

A Winter Song + a Poem by Wendell Berry

  Yesterday, and the quiet evening before it, the softest, fluffiest, whitest snow fell quietly all around

Newspaper Noel Stars, Mindful Meditation, and Other Holiday Magic

It was a fairly quiet week and weekend over here at the Watters’ home, and it was much needed by