Oils & Emotional Wellness in Motherhood


Yesterday was hard.  I pulled back the tangle of unmade covers around eight forty and fell into bed feeling worn out and past the verge of tears.  I think I was too tired to cry, Thursday had taken its toll.  It was one of those days where everything culminated to a feeling of utter fogginess, the inability to pinpoint anything that had contributed to the difficulty of the day.   Everything felt so heavy.  I suppose all I need to say to explain is that staying home with a stair-crawling one year old, a no napping three year old, and a diaper eating dog (sorry for the tmi) can wear a person out if they don’t take a time out now and then.

As said by loving mothers around the world since he beginning of time: motherhood is the hardest thing one will ever do, yet the culminating point of joy in one’s life.  I love it so much it hurts and can say with absolute certainty that it is the most beautiful aspect of my life, apart from my marriage.  As a little girl I knew I would be a mama.  To mother has always been my calling, and I would rather have a handful of exhausted moments and be a mother than not have these amazing babies in my world.  They are my everything.  But it is also really hard, too.  Seriously such a challenge most days.

That night after the kids had been fed and bathed and read to and tucked in, and after I posted a little lament on Instagram, I remembered my oils and the emotional support they can give and how they just might give me the respite I needed after a grueling day.  So I grabbed my oil diffuser, plugged it in next to my bed, grabbed a glass of pinot, and diffused four drops of Stress Relief Oil Blend and four drops of Lavender Oil.  I put Joy on my wrists and on the back of my neck.  I smelled Orange Oil and put a drop of it in some ice water to sip.  I sat there, eyes closed, and felt like I was in a spa somewhere far away, tucked in the mountains.  I felt transported.  It feel so nice and such a relief.

Sometimes in life we just need a little push in the right direction to gather momentum.  We need the opportunity to nurture our emotional needs, giving our soul well deserved attention that at times can goes neglected.  I think it’s pretty neat that I’ve got these beautiful oils, nature’s gifts, at my disposal to help me out if i need it.  I went to bed that night feeling relaxed and calm.  And in the morning that fog had lifted and I was ready to spend the day with my little ones.

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