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When it comes to decorating one’s home, there are several items one can procure to help anchor a room. Furniture, of course, tends to be the focal point of any space for good reason, as it quickly turns a room into either being a space for this, or being a space for that. Take the second bedroom of many houses, they can turn into a multitude of things depending on the furniture one chooses to put inside it: an office, an useable bedroom, a craft room, a closet, or a storage area. You get the idea. Outside of the pieces we use to sit or lay on, there are other components of a space that can help bring things together like a beautifully tied ribbon on a gift. Art can do this. So can elements of nature, such as a simple vase filled with greens and flowers. But moreso than either of those who, I think rugs really add something special to any space you choose to put them in. They anchor, they root, and they do something special.

Rugs add warmth with a lived-in feel. They are a soft place for your feet to land, and they also show off your style and make a bold statement that sometimes you’d rather your furniture not make. Rugs can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, price ranges, styles, and weaves. And while it can be overwhelming when searching for the perfect one, it can also be fun to search for your anchor! If you are currently searching, there are a few guidelines, or questions rather, I’ve used to help steer my ship when picking them our for our rooms.

  1. Is it classic? In other words, will it still be in style say, ten years from now, making it a solid purchase in terms of taste? So many rugs on the market are the opposite of classic right now. They are current and beautiful with the trends, yes, but likely ones you’ll tire of down the road. This is why I love vintage Perisan rugs. You see them gracing the floors of historic buildings and most places that are old old old, as they add a kind of well-traveled whimsy and colorful antiquity to a room. They look especially charming against modern furniture or neutrals with clean lines. We have several Persians throughout our home and they add a lot of character while still fitting in with our cozy but minimalistic style.
  2. Does it complement? In other words, will it flow with the look and feel of our home? If you have a space that is layered with neutrals, a colorful rug is a beautiful option to add warmth and life within those four walls. Most of the rooms in our home are fairly neutral with whites, creams, browns, and grays, but the color we do have is lovely and most often in the form of rugs. The vintage Persian rug in our living room is a perfect example of this. I chose one with different shades of blue so it can stand up against our handed down blue velvet chairs (when they’re not being covered because dog-training!) and the other blue elements we have throughout our home. It also has gorgeous shades of pinky peach that are softer than traditional Persian reds, that pick up the florals and antique finds we have nestled throughout as well. Then you have the perfect classic rug, the braided jute. If you are wanting a rug but cannot for the life of you figure out what kind to get, you can do no wrong by settling on this. We have this classic, complementary style of rug all throughout our home, most notably in the living room, our bedroom, and the loft, because they go with everything. The woven elements and natural color scheme add the perfect amount of cozy to a space, while still keeping with a theme of modern simplicity.
  3. Is it durable? In other words, is it kid friendly and will it withstand a lot of running, wrestling, and vacuuming? In this season of our lives this one question is important. We have kids. A dog. Lots of spills. And lots of movement. High traffic areas lend themselves well to low pile, tightly woven rugs, such as vintage Persians and braided jute you can find at eSaleRugs. The more you frequent that space of flooring, the lower pile it should be, that’s what I say. Low pile rugs also like to be vacuumed, something we do almost daily these days. While we try and keep food at the table, it, along with dirt, makes its way everywhere. Durable rugs are ones that gladly let you clean them. It’s as simple as that.



Are you currently rug shopping? What are the things you think about when buying a rug for a space? It may very well come down to the basic question of, “Do I like this?”, and if so, wonderful. The bottom line for all decorating should be that question, because after all, it is you that has to quite literally live with it. And finally, what rug questions do you have for me? The two rugs you see above are from eSaleRugs and we are more than happy with them and how they are holding up in our home. I am happy to answer any and all! I also have a giveaway happening right now on Instagram you can be a part of. Head there for more details to win a braided jute of your own!



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  • Dana - Love the slipcovered wingbacks…they make the living room look summery with the jute rug and natural wood tones.ReplyCancel

  • Madelyn W - I really like your Persian rug and looked for it on ESaleRugs but couldn’t locate it. Maybe it’s discontinued. The colors would go perfect in my living room.If you happen to know the name of it or where to find it on the site I’d be grateful. Your link takes me to Persian rugs but not your specific rug. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Whitney - Hi there! This rug is part of our Hamedan Collection!

      Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

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