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When it comes to home furnishings, you know how much I love pairing the new with the old. Give me a tattered wardrobe made of antique walnut, an English pine dry sink, or a chippy barn table full of imperfections to go alongside something sleek, something tailored, something timeless. I believe it’s the differences between the two that makes each unique piece sing its song in a space. Think about how good a slice of summer melon is all on it’s own. It’s super sweet and tastes like itself. Now think about how good it is wrapped in salty prosciutto. The melon tastes even melonier! It’s like that, but with furniture.

My entire design outlook is based on this simple rule, that something old living alongside something new, breathes depth and soul into a space, leaving that environment anything but dull or flat. I am endlessly inspired by the balance and juxtaposition the old/new dance creates within one’s dwelling. For me, it tugs between worlds and points in time, helping my soul feel rooted yet lifted up, buoyed by the poem of home itself. This is why I love design, creativity, and homemaking.

Which brings to me to my collaborations with Sixpenny, a brand I have worked with for many years, and a brand we will continue to buy from if ever in need of a new couch! The beautiful thing about this company, there are many, mind you, is how seamlessly their furniture pairs with either modern interiors, or more primitive ones, like ours. Their fabric choices are muted and moody, flowing rather poetically with a range of different aesthetics, which is hard to find in a (furniture) market of over-saturation and mass production. Personally, I am drawn to a good paired back Americana look, something folksy but minimal. It feels homey to me, but also fresh and inviting.


Sixpenny continues to create comfortable pieces that compliment the style I love so much. I truly love how our Beach Walk Cotton Canvas Gabriel U-Shaped Sectional (our main living area couch) and two Ink Cap Linen Melo Dining Chairs make our home feel alive, while still being new among the many antiquated accents dispersed throughout our home. We used the Melo dining chairs in our library, by the way! A bit untraditional, but they fit the space beautifully, and are a great option if you are looking for a smaller seating option with a slipcover.

While wood chairs are one of my favorite things to thrift or find at estate sales and antique barns, when it comes to upholstered items, specifically if we plan on using them as main pieces, I tend to buy new. We’ve had particular pieces for over a year now and they have worn beautifully. And because this company thinks deeply about the longevity of their pieces, each item is slipcovered, even down to the pillows, making them ideal for those with kids and dogs and overall messy lives! If you have any questions about our Sixpenny pieces, let me know! I am happy to share.


  • Ashley - Hi Amanda, thanks so much for sharing about this. We’re in the market for a couch very similar to this but I’m wondering: did you go with the feather or poly fill? And do you feel like they stay together well, as I read on their site that there’s a zipper to attach all pieces to one another. And is it a seamless fit with the ottoman to the couch or is there kind of a gap that you feel like you’re falling into with your legs extended onto the ottoman/chaise part?ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hi Amanda, I have a question about the Six Penny sofa. Did you opt for the feather down or the poly fill? Just trying to decide on which will be the denser fill option that’s the most supportive. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi - How long have you had the sectional? Still holding up?ReplyCancel

  • Renee Staas - I’m in the market for a quality and comfortable slipcovered sofa that can also withstand kids and a dog. Have you had to wash your slipcover yet? Just wondering about washing it or whether dry cleaning is necessary. Also, wondering whether you went with the feather or poly fill. I’m nervous about purchasing something so expensive that will serve as our main sofa that we’re not able to sit on first. I’ve never purchased a sofa, as we’ve been using sofas that my husband purchased 15 years ago right before we got engaged. They’re awful microfiber sofas that I have disliked since he picked them out, but we didn’t want to spend money on such a superficial thing in our early years of marriage. Then we had kids, and we figured we should wait until they were a bit older before making an investment in new sofas. My hope is that whatever we purchase will last years and years, 30+ if possible?! Thanks for your willingness to share how they’re holding up!ReplyCancel

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