Show & Tell | The ings of Early Spring


  1. Reading | Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer to kick off our Homesong Book Club this April! It’s a book that’s been on our library shelves for several years now, and I believe I’ve talked about reading it with you all before, but somehow this just happened to be the right timing. I took a peek and read the first few pages several weeks back and couldn’t stop. The writing is magical and meaningful and full of exquisite metaphors. It is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read, and one I know I’ll be revisiting for the rest of my life. You can read all about how to join us right here. We’d be delighted to have you!
  2. Meditating | each and every day, throughout the day, mostly informally, but sometimes formally too. I meditate to center myself in the sacred root of my breath, the movement of air that sustains me. I meditate to calm down if the kids are wild. If I meditate if feel stress creeping in. And when I do the laundry. And heaps of other times, stilling myself to be in the midst of doing. I meditate to get out of my head and into my hands, to give my heart to my work and to pay attention without judgement, with open palms and keen senses as I move through the world, doing my part to pay attention. I meditate to know more deeply who I am, beyond ego and into soul, to observe life more thoughtfully, and to live from a place where my purpose and soul collide as one. I meditate to go home, to return to a place that sounds like birdsong and feels like warm blankets, which is to say, a place where true belonging and inner connection meet.  Anything you do mindfully can be your meditation, and for me, it’s been a journey into grace.
  3. Podcasting | my usual, my go-to, my bread and butter, Queen O. I love listening to her SuperSoul Conversations every week, as they always give me something to ponder and chew on, whether it be mysticism, conscious parenting, creating harmony at home, or living from a place of deep gratitude for life. I am thankful for the work Oprah puts into the world, what a light she is. Do you have a favorite episode? I recommend listening to the Ekhart Tolle New Earth series. It’s revolutionary.
  4. Whistling | to Andrew Bird’s most recent album, My Finest Work Yet, nearly everyday since it released last week. Andrew (my Andrew) and I went to see him play with the Kansas City Symphony last year and it was one of the most life-giving musical experiences I’ve been to. Finger’s crossed he comes back and we get to see him play again!
  5. Watching | the most recent season of Chef’s Table and waiting for Game of Thrones. I watched this episode on Chef’s Table a few nights ago and immediately wanted to book a flight to Savannah and eat at The Grey. Chef Mashama Bailey is incredibly inspiring.
  6. Getting Out | our spring books and woolly crafts for our nature table.
  7. Sweating | my bum off at Orange Theory, something I don’t like going to, but love once done. Working out really helps me manage my anxiety and keeps my endorphins up. I love how OT really pushes you and makes you work a little harder than you would if working out solo. I take that back, A LOT HARDER than you would if working out solo. But worth it.
  8. Planting | a wildflower garden on the side of the house, which Stella and I sowed a few days ago. And microgreens in the flower boxes to use on sandwiches, salads, tacos, and just about everything else this spring and summer. They grow really well there, sprouting in just a few days and ready to harvest in a several weeks!
  9. Tidying | closets and drawers and so on and so forth because SPRING! This season always nudges me to simplify and pare down, and while doing so, give everything within reach a scrub and shine. You can read all about my cleaning and tidying tips and posts right here!
  10. Juicing | lots of celery, cucumber, kiwi, lemon, and herbs. With the turn of the season I have been craving raw, fresh food. Juicing has so many nutritional benefits, and this particular combination is really tasty. Also, have you heard of the Medical Medium? We heard about his work a few months ago and have been reading up on his recipes ever since. Food heals. Fascinating stuff!
  11. Treasuring | Stella’s poetry. She amazes me with her words, and I love happening upon little scribbles she makes and leaves all over the house. Age 7 is a treasure in and of itself.
  12. Admiring | my mom and her quiet strength in how she is handling everything that is going on with my grandma and her Alzheimer’s. It’s been really hard on her, on everyone, and yet she shows up day after day to rub her hand, to sit with her, to give her water, to rub her back, to talk with her, to be with her. It’s hard work and heartbreaking to see, and I look up to her a lot.
  13. Shopping | at Aldi, but also really ready for our neighborhood farmer’s market to open this season, officially on April 13th!
  14. Crafting | NATURALLY DYED PLAY SILK with some mama friends this week!
  15. Digging | in the dirt with kids, ready to plant our backyard garden and get things growing again. Andrew is going to make our new raised beds this weekend, and I am excited to get them arranged back there with trellises and new layers of compost.
  16. Loving | having been able to visit my grandma with the kids this past weekend. You can read about that here.
  17. Carrying | around this sustainable cup for coffee and water instead of relying on restaurants and coffee shops to use paper cups. I love the look and how well it has held up with months of use!
  18. Working On | centering myself before reacting, especially when I am tired and hungry and/or frustrated with myself, Andrew, my kids, a stranger on the Internet, or just life. It’s a softer way of being, and invites much more awareness into my day to day doings, simply by slowing down to consider my words and actions before using them without care. By being less reactive, I have found that life flows much more smoothly, and that much of what I used to react to was really just a matter of defaulting into a poor habits.
  19. Thanking God for | the sound of birdsong, the growth of buds, lemon balm babies, the greening of grass, the dings of church bells, the warmth of sunshine, windows cracked open, the smell of wet earth, and the promise of rain.
  20. Changing | our bed linens for lighter quilts for the new season. I dug the blue and white ticking stripe quilt you see above out of storage and you know what it smelled like? Sunshine. I washed and dried it on the line last autumn and it managed to keep it’s scent. What a gift that was.


  • Tonisty - I discovered you through a blog on June, now I tune in weekly.
    Thank you for what you bring to this space and for being real. It’s such a lovely blog you’ve cultivated and I can tell you work very hard-please know it’s appreciated.

    All the best to you and your family!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Tonisty, thank you, thank you. I so appreciate your words. xx AmandaReplyCancel

  • Erin - This post felt like a warm hug today from someone who appreciates similar things in life and values mindful living. Thank you Amanda for continuing inspire, motivate and capture so many of the sweet moments we often take for granted. xo ErinReplyCancel

    • admin - Erin, thank you for sharing, dear one! Hearing from my readers that this space brings them warmth is exactly why I continue to do the work I do. Hope you have a beautiful spring week! xx AmandaReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hi Amanda! I loved this post! Your “ show and tells” I always look forward too! I was wondering if you recommended a particular juicer you loved? This was such a pleasure to read… thank you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • melissa - i can just tell spring has sprung! i’m loving a lot of similar things right now, and it’s nice to read your list.ReplyCancel

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