A Weekend Mostly Spent in the Mud

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My favorite weekends are the ones the I look back on and cannot really recall that we did much of anything, but that we sort of did everything, you know? No fancy plans, no solid “to do’s” really, just us five flowing with the day, letting ourselves be guided by what we feel we need most.

Fortunately the weather was gorgeous these past few days, nearing the lower seventies. The birds have seemed to find their homes again with constant but beautiful chirping, and our neighbor’s magenta magnolia tree has begun to bloom! Magnolia’s in Kansas City are something else. Our neighborhood is peppered with them and when they start to bloom it looks like we live in a Dr. Seuss book. I love it.

This weekend we took to our yard and side porch from sun up to sun down and each one of us threw ourselves into little fun projects, most all involving dirt. The kids went around making mud pies from our yard that is currently a dust bowl and awaiting construction. I gave them some kitchen tools like sifters and measuring cups and they played away for hours upon hours together, running around playing hide and go seek and tag and getting as dirty as possible. I got out this camera for a few snaps and caught them hugging! What?! Sweetest ever. Afterward I ran outback to show Andrew who melted, too.

Andrew spent the days building another raised bed for our little garden, making a total three big beds extending into one nice plot for some simple food growing and harvesting this year and also got out the tools to build a trellis for my spring peas and summer tomatoes. I talked him into making a cover for one of the beds so we can keep our salad greens and various herbs protected if we do indeed encounter another frost…we have been known to get snows in April. I brought our patio furniture into our porch area which was a brilliant idea because we use the porch far more often then the patio right now. It was one of those, “Why didn’t we do this months ago?” moments. We now have a cozy space to sit and sip coffee in the mornings and to host gatherings for friends. I am having my bible study mamas over soon and I think that’s where we will spend our morning.

And other than that, we didn’t do much and it was splendid. A big breath of fresh air before starting the week. I woke for early yoga every morning because my body has been needing a good stretch, my back and arms sore from all the baby carrying. Alfie has been clung to my hip like a baby koala, only happy and content on mama because there are more teeth getting ready to emerge and close comforts are the best medicine. And then last night, Andrew and I watched a bunch of new epidodes of House of Cards after putting the kids to bed. I lit a new candle I had picked up on my Friday afternoon walk with the boys. There’s a cute general store nearby that we frequent and they had this one burning as I walked through the front door. The combination of eucalyptus + sage is so calming and earthy, a scent that I find to be really grounding. I am one to diffuse essential oils far more than burning a candle, but sometimes that warm glow is exactly what we need to help wind down after a long weekend. Back to our entertainment, are any of you watching House of Cards? It’s such a fascinating political show on Netflix right now with Kevin Spacey whom I adore. Andrew and I end up in long, usually hilarious, conversations after watching an episode because it really is nuts. But a good kind of nuts! It’s our thing this season and we are trying not to watch them all so quickly.

Well, I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend, dear ones. I hope you were able to hear the birds from wherever you are, and soak in the change in seasons that is coming, and for some, has already arrived.


  • Johnna LaFaith - We have a windowed in porch that we love, here. Even when it was cold, we enjoyed it but as the temperature rises we are living there. In fact, I think tonight we’re going to have dinner and watch the cars drive by. I love the changing of the seasons. I know what you mean about weekends like that. Any time you are just in it, it’s so wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • Kate - What beautiful shots! This sounds like a great weekend! There is very little that is more satisfying than dirty and happy children playing outside.ReplyCancel

  • Leah Faye - My husband and I have been watching House of Cards too! It is so good! Our trees in the middle of Kansas haven’t started to bloom yet, but I am so ready for them too!ReplyCancel

  • Kizzy - Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. It was Mother’s Day here in the UK and we have quite a busy day visiting mums and watching football plus cooking some very yummy Indian dishes for a combined family meal. Have a great weekReplyCancel

  • polly - I love this post. Nothing better than an afternoon in the garden with little ones, and muddy bath water at the end of the day as evidence 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Katelyn - Hi!

    Lovely posts, Where can i get the wall hook from?ReplyCancel

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