Daffodil Sunrise | A Spring Playlist




We flung open the wide kitchen doors this week and welcomed in the soft sunshine, the sweet smell of rain, and the symphony of birdsong. A few flying bugs, too. I planted lots of greens this past Sunday with Theo and Tilly in our new raised garden beds. We’ve now got six! So far, lots of spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula, and lots of easy to grow herbs I enjoy cooking with. Theodore taught little miss how to tuck plants carefully into the soil after I taught him and I sat back watching, amazed and grateful that we get to this again as a family.

We pushed tiny, microscopic seeds of various flowers and French radishes and colorful beets and carrots into the soft, black soil one by one, later on savoring that feeling dirty hands and tired bodies feel after a long day spent outside. You know when at the end of the day when you hop in the shower and see literal dirt pooled up on the tile from muddy feet and fingers? I just love that feeling. Always have.

I forgot how much spending time in communion with the Earth does for my soul. It is literal medicine for me, learning how to grow plants. Watching them start from tiny seed babies is such a rewarding hobby. Gardens, they are the most wonderful of gifts, most tender of friends, and the most patient of teachers. They remind me it’s okay to slow down and go at my own pace, which often times, feels in stark contrast to that of the rest of the world. Frustratingly so, I admit.

Oh, how good it feels to be home again. Such a meaningful exhale, we are all feeling. To have a place where we can begin to grow roots together. No more bouncing around. No more getting sick on top of one another. Oof, we had a few rough seasons of sickness. Now we can begin to nest. To nurture. To grow. I have a list of things I want to plant this year, daffodils from Floret are among them. How about you!?

But while you’re really here, for see music. This collection of songs is a reflection of this new season feeling. The feeling of coming alive again after a long and dormant winter. Some songs are sad, like dark and rainy days, some are uplifting and joyous like emerging daffodils, and others deep and introspective because I find it near impossible to make a playlist without such songs on it. But also very spring, if you ask me. Happy listening, friends.

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