Early Spring at Home


This little camera is a favorite toy around here. I found it tucked away in the basement in a batch of toys we recycle now and again and the kids have been having a ball playing with it. You can take photos on it like a real camera and download them to your computer which is pretty neat! A few nights ago Andrew and I looked through the camera roll and there were about fifty blurry photos of the floor, twenty something of baby dolls and a dozen close ups of baby Theodore, plus odds and ends of our old home. Stella took them when we lived at our last place and it was special getting to see the world through her eyes. Now Theo has been having fun taking snaps, mostly of trucks. Go figure.



A few weeks ago Stella and I dyed eggs naturally using ingredients from around the house. The best results came from turmeric, passion fruit tea and beets. I have read that red cabbage makes for the most beautiful blue color so we are going to try that again this weekend.



Alfie started crawling this week! For a long time he has been scooting around like an injured soldier but now he’s officially on the move and up on those knees. His current love is of anything he knows he shouldn’t have, naturally. I love this shot because you can see our broken window pane back there…Theodore likes to throw things. That is the second window pane to be broken in that door since we moved here and I have a feeling it will not be the last.



I like giving the shelves around our home a little changing up when a new season rolls around and for this cute display in the kitchen I swapped out our clear mason jars for antique blue ones from my uncle Marty and have our egg basket front and center. We don’t have any chickens nor do we get fresh eggs delivered, but I just love this darling basket. Maybe I’ll store wine corks in it, those we always have on hand.



Ranunculus season is here and whenever I see them at the market I cannot resist putting them in my tote. I love how pillowy and layered they are. They remind me of the peony bulbs that grew outside of our last home across from the park.



Our yard is one muddy mess right now as you well know, so I have been wearing these tall green boots while I garden and chase the kids around. They give me permission to get dirty which I admittedly looove. I am so thankful for this warm weather that we’ve been having but I think I am more excited about getting green grass growing again. The kids are such adventurers and I look forward to a few weeks from now when they can run around barefooted while they gather bits of nature and make their sweet little collections. We are doing our yard makeover one bit at a time and the backyard will be the first part to be finished. Andrew has been working hard building a pergola for our al fresco dining area and I am giddy to see it strung with twinkly bistro lights.



Here is a peek at one of our garden beds. In this little plot I’ve got spinach, kale, rainbow chard, broccoli and several lettuce varieties. I am thinking about making a little net to cover it up because something has been into our broccoli already, wouldn’t you know it. Our yard is a haven for mischievous creatures which is part of the reason it makes it so magical to live where we do. It’s never without squirrels or bunnies or birds it seems. Note to self: must secure harvest!



The kids got new rainboots so that has been all the rage over here. I love them because the kids can pull them on themselves and I can wash them off with the hose. I cannot begin to tell you how many pairs of shoes have been ruined because of the mud this season. Oh well. That’s what being little is all about, mud and dirt and all. Praise the indestructible rubber rain boot!



These little purple flowers have been going in our greens outside the porch and I think they are pretty lovely. The trees are beginning to bud with green but flowers are popping up everywhere! It’s such a delight to see color again.



My favorite part of our kitchen is these tall shaker cabinets that I’ve filled with odds and ends. I love how the old glass shines in the late afternoon, making the walls in this room look like they are underwater. And that classic black pencil sharpener there, I really recommend you get yourself one if you’ve got little ones who love colored pencils. We seem to sharpen daily over here and this old fashioned schoolhouse variety is perfect for the job.



Here is Alfie Francis after his afternoon nap. You can see his sweet little angle kiss peeking through the spindles on his crib.  It warms my heart. I remember the nurse telling us right after delivery that it was his special birthmark that would eventually fade over time, gradually becoming softer and softer as he grows. Some hours it’s barely noticeable and other times it’s very pronounced, red like a summer strawberry. It makes me smile and takes me back to the first time I saw him whenever I see it. I know it will fade but there’s a part of me that never wants it to. Motherhood is bittersweet like that…all the letting go and welcoming and letting go again.



Nothing says spring like lavender pansies and potted herbs. I am doing parsley, dill and mint in containers this year because they sort of got out of control in our beds last year. Eventually I will move them to larger containers near our pergola and close to the back door by the kitchen for easy snipping. We use these three, and basil which I forgot to plant, for supper and cocktails all throughout the spring and summer seasons.



Looking for a simple craft idea, make handprint flowers with your bubs! Stella and Theodore has a great time painting their hands and making prints the other morning.



Spring linens have found our way to our bedroom and it feels so refreshing. I always change up the bed linens each new season, keeping a light quilt on our bed in the spring and summer months, and a heavier duvet in autumn and winter. Those vintage floral pillowcases were on my mom and dad’s bed when I was little and they are a small treasure that remind me of where I grew up. I remember her making the bed and how the sunlight made their room feel so warm and cozy. I have sentimental gems from Andrew and I’s childhood woven all throughout our home and it’s what makes each room so special.



The kids and I were playing outside the other day and I noticed Theodore had a tiny purple flower in his hair. I do not know how it got there or if he even knew it was there but it sure made me smile. You know how you’ll be shuffling through your day, thinking about whatever, possibly feeling overwhelmed and then all of a sudden something simple but so sweet sets you straight? This was one of those moments. I love how one wild bloom can perk me right up.



I have been really liking this muted shade of pink lately, which is a tad strange because I have never been much of a pink girl, per se. I love this light tan and soft pink hand towel in our bathroom and how sweet it looks against all the old charm going on in here. As much as I love neutrals a sweet pop of color is a nice surprise now and again.



The boys got a new green dinosaur at World Market the other day and that has been the go-to toy lately. It’s funny to me how I could give Theodore all the barbies and dolls and cooking tools in the world yet he will always gravitate towards cars and monsters and anything you’d assume a boy would like. I used to be pretty adamant that our kids would not play with gender specific toys and I as a mother would not get them things that gave into those stereotypes and narrow mindsets. Ha. Now that I am a mom, I know that none of that really matters. They like what they like and as long as they’re having fun and being imaginative I could care less if it’s a “girl” toy or a “boy” toy.



With the new season comes new room arrangements! A few days ago I spent the better part of the morning switching up the kid’s rooms because I had a hundred other things I should have been doing with my time. You know how that goes, right? All the beds now face a new wall and each room feels like a breath of fresh air. Growing up I’d spend hours at the most inopportune times rearranging my room, usually right before bed. There was not much to work with, only two and a half walls as I recall, but it made such a difference in my mood to switch things around. Nothing has changed. Every time my mother in law Carol comes over she tells me, “You changed it up again!” It always makes me smile because I am so that person.



Just another shot of the kids, some mud, and their rain boots.



And here’s a view from outside our porch looking in as the tiny new buds make their way up the side of our home. So small and vibrant. I am going to snip a few later today and make a pretty spring arrangement for our mantle. As I type this I am hearing Andrew’s favorite Irish music stream up the stairs and into the loft…it’s St. Patty’s day! Well that snuck up on me. Happy day to you and enjoy all that green out there, dear ones!


  • Karolina - I am new on your blog, but I fell in love with your writing and photo shoots. Just little things from everyday. 🙂 I am waiting for next post.ReplyCancel

  • Marina - Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I find it so inspirational, thank you:) Every time you mention things you liked doing as a kid it makes me want to see your old room, your old house, your neighborhood, etc. Perhaps you shared it at some point with your followers?

    I’d love to read those posts and see photographs…

  • Jessica - Your house is gorgeous! I love the small updates for the season to make things feel fresh and new!ReplyCancel

  • Mum Watters - Yes things are always changing at your house. I usually say to myself on my way over to visit “wonder what will be different this time?” I so love seeing the changes and admire your creativity. It takes me forever to make a decision on furniture, decor, or even wall color. I wish I had just a tenth of your ability.ReplyCancel

  • Cate - Vinca is the flower, a wonderful ground cover. Enjoy your babiesReplyCancel

  • Haley - I absolutely love when you do posts like this! I thoroughly enjoy seeing the day to day aspects of your life and what each season looks like for your family. I hope you continue to do more! Have a happy weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Becca - Love your blog! Where did you get your bedside lamp? My husband and I just moved into a new house and we are slowly tackling rooms, making them ours and we are in need of some small/non-instrusive bedside lighting!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - In upstate NY it is still very cold so this post has me dreaming of spring! Can you provide the brand or details about the camera the kids are playing with? Sounds like an absolute treasure!ReplyCancel

    • admin - I’ve read this! Such a great read. Thanks! AmandaReplyCancel

  • Kizzy - Beautiful photo. Spring isn’t quite here in the UK yet, there are small signs and odd days but not enough to go into full spring mode. Planning my spring clean this week before the kids break up for Easter.ReplyCancel

  • Erika - I love my little purple flowered plants this time of year too. They are called periwinkles and they love this time of year flowering profusely. They are like a promise of the bounty yet to come. Love your post.


  • Gwendolyn - What an spirit you have for seeing and creating beauty. This is a lovely post. I am looking for a spindle bed for a hundred-sixty-year-old hand-hewn barn we rescued, and turned into a home. Do you have tips on where I might look for one? We like beds fairly close to the ground.
    Cheers! GwendolynReplyCancel

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