Felted Easter Eggs


The boys and I felted Easter eggs the other day for our daily craft and they turned out beautifully! These little eggs make such a wonderful addition to our spring mantle with all the soft purples and greens and golds with those happy birds in the background. To be honest, this was more of a hand-work craft for me and the boys just had fun splashing in the water as I felted. Oh well. I enjoyed it! If you have some extra felt lying around and a few plastic eggs, you’re all set with this one. Here’s how:


  • Roving wool
  • Tub of hot water
  • Tub of cold water
  • Plastic Easter eggs in various sizes
  • Super glue (optional)
  • Dish soap

Step One: Super glue the seams of the plastic eggs to keep them from breaking apart when you felt. This is optional but I do recommend it if you have the glue on hand.

Step Two: Fill two tubs with water, one hot and one cold. The hot water tub is for dipping and warming, and the cold is for shocking the wool between hot dips.

Step Three: Take long strips of roving wool and wrap them around your egg. I started with an ivory base, and then wrapped long strips of colored wool around making sure the plastic is well covered.

Step Four: Put several drops of dish soap on the wool and give the egg a dunk in the hot water with your hands cupping the outside so the wool stays intact. And make sure to keep the kiddos out of this tub so they don’t get burned. You’ll want hot water, not lukewarm for this. Keep dunking and cupping the wool around the egg, shaping it firmly against the shell. Every now and again give it a good shock in the cold water and keep repeating. Every now and again, add a few more drops of soap and dunk again. First hot. Mold. The cold. Repeat.

Step Five: Once you’ve gotten the thinness of wool you desire, gentle squeeze out as much water as you can. Then wrap a dry towel around the egg, getting the rest of the water out. Be careful not to squeeze too hard or the egg will come apart. Let your eggs dry in the sun and you’re finished!

What are your Easter plans? We are keeping things really simple this year as my family is coming into town. We’ll do church, an easy assemble your own brunch at home, and an egg hunt in the park nearby. I am excited to show you what we are putting in the kids’ baskets this year. We got each of them one book, one coloring book, one musical instrument, and some little treats. I love putting these little gifts together for them!


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