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I cannot remember the last time we went a full day without playing and listening to music in our home. It’s often not very loud and on in the background, other times the center of our senses, giving us joy and making tasks we don’t always feel like doing much more fun than if we had done them without song and dance. I personally like listening to instrumental or folk music throughout the day, choosing playlists depending in my mood or what I am working on, and the same goes for when the kids are crafting or playing with toys.

The gift of song has the magic transform the energy of a space, for sound transcends language barriers and weaves its way into our hearts, inviting a soothing warmth and calm into the flow of one’s rhythm either upon waking, while painting rainbows, chopping carrots, or getting ready to settle down for naps. The kids and I have several favorite artists we like listening to, mostly Waldorf-based, and over the past few months I’ve been taking note to create a playlist for us and you to listen to. I finally put them all in one space this morning as the fog lifted from the growing spring grass, and it’s done and ready to share! There’s well over six hours of listening on this playlist, with 155 songs to bring a bit of folksy nature-based creativity to you and your little one’s ears this spring and summer. I hope you love it as much as we do! PS. If you don’t subscribe to Spotify, I recommend you do! We love and use it daily at home. I have many, many playlists created there for you to enjoy year-round as well. Happy listening!


A Few Notes About the Photos Above:ย 

  • Alfie is painting with Stockmar watercolor concentrates. They are vibrant and beautiful, and also long-lasting. We mix our paint colors in little glass jars and seal them with a lib after. They will keep for months like this!
  • Our beautiful wood rainbow is from this sweet little Waldorf shop. The kids use it in various ways all the time, and when it’s not being played with it sits on our nature table, a sweet reminder of what comes after rain storms.


  • Odette - So impressed they are painting on the table and everything is clean around. We always do painting outside but my little one is 2 years old so probably we will be able to make inside at some point ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ReplyCancel

  • bridget - beautiful, amanda. you make things so special for them, itโ€™s just your way. i have the winsor & newton pocket watercolor palette on my wishlist for ulysses (devastatingly cute) but the stockmar concentrates sounds beautiful and i love that you could focus on one hue at a time so iโ€™m going to look em up. โค๏ธ ok off to play this playlist, feels like you are spending the morning with us.ReplyCancel

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