Stella Turns Five

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Our Stella Vivienne turned five a few Sundays ago, and this past Memorial holiday weekend all our closest loved ones gathered at our home to celebrate our sunshine girl in red. All birthdays are something nostalgic and wonderful, but there’s something pretty magical about the five mark I think. Perhaps it’s the fact that she’ll be going off to Kindergarten soon, or that those toddler years with chubby arms rolls and sweet lisps are long gone, but this birthday was quite special for all of us. We have a five year old…that it still sinking in!

I’ll forever remember the red dress she wanted to wear on her big day, the one with the lace and the frills that she picked out on our last trip to Mexico. I’ll remember the wild flowers she decided on after much deliberation at the farmer’s market on the morning of the 22nd after our little family took her out for brunch, her favorite meal because runny eggs. I’ll remember the gigantic plastic soccer ball we inflated for the kids to roll around in from Uncle Troy, the Minion piñata that each bub got a turn whacking it in the yard with hopes for tootsie rolls and suckers, the seven cupcakes Theodore helped himself to, the balloon bouquet of her favorite colors, the bubble machine from Uncle Shane, the way she teared up when she opened each gift, the way her daddy read her cards, and then movie night on the lawn…all of the things that every five year old little girl dreams of at their birthday bash.

It was a day of relaxation and grilled hot dogs and cold key lime pie. It was a sunny day, the sunniest one of the year thus far…completely fitting for the sun beams and smiles shine from her innocent face just say it all. These photos are such treasures to me. Each one shines with a joy I’ll never forget, with gratitude for everyone that was there who made her feel so warm and loved. I am so happy we have them and will be able to revisit this post as each birthday comes and goes and five turns into ten and so on.

Happy birthday darling girl, we love you always and forever, in circles! x Mama


  • Liv - So glad I can still see bits of your life on your lovely blog- these photos are so special. What a lucky girl she is.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Liv, oh thank you. I feel like it’s such a cliche to say so, but shoot…I feel like the lucky one! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Danette Bartelmay - Ah Yes, Five… The most magical age in all the kingdom of childhood, I believe. She is beautiful, truly.ReplyCancel

  • Danette Bartelmay - Ah yes… Five… the most magical age in all the kingdom of childhood, I do believe. Your Stella is truly beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Jessy - Such beautiful captures. My twins will be one in a few short months and five seems far away, but I know it will come quickly. Time is such a thief when you’re a mama. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your sweet family and inspiring us all to live life more slowly and purposeful. Last weekend, our pastor preached on 1 Thessalonians 4:11, where Paul talks about living a quiet life and working with your hands, I thought you might enjoy it; you can find it at

    Peace and blessings to you and your family!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Jessy, yes yes, time that turd 🙂 Thank you for this link, eager to listen this weekend! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Genesis Knippel - As I was going through the pictures, I noticed the purple and red color pattern. Then read the post and made sense as Stella chose them out. Absolutely love the freedom you’ve given her to chose what she loves. I think a lot of kids are restrained from this freedom by us parents and what we define as beautiful. I’m sure Stella had a great day she’ll look back on and remember with joy. I bet she loved the bubble machine! It brought back some of my childhood memories when I saw it 🙂
    Life is more than impressing others, it’s making memories with your loved ones ❤️ReplyCancel

    • admin - Genesis – Ah yes, the red and purple 🙂 I love that her birthday was so her, if that makes sense. That’s what it’s all about. Not the parents wanting to get a good photo or anything, not the coordinating whatever. Letting our little ones be in their element enjoying their day. Such a special birthday this was, thank you for your kind words. And you are so right, life is about making those memories. Blessings, x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Jessie - She’s just beautiful, friend. Loving the life in these photos. Such joy. You’re in a good, good place ❤️ Love to you and wishes for a happy weekend! ☺️ReplyCancel

    • admin - Jessie, dearest friend…I have been meaning to write you a note and have been wanting to catch up but in the mean time until I do, been thinking of you and hope all is well. Love to you and will speak soon! xx AmandaReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Hey Amanda miss you on insta, I LOVE the simplicity of these images and how well you captured her birthday. I have four little ones and have been so much more intentional in capturing the little moments. I know you have said before that you use vsco a6 but have you ever done a blog on how? Do you just add the filter then brighten the image or add warm tones? I see so many with the same aesthetic but yours never ever look over processed they look so natural. Thank you so much.ReplyCancel

  • Myndi - Happy Birthday to Stella! These photos are such a treasure! Perfect backyard celebration!ReplyCancel

  • Ashton - Oh Happy Birthday sweet Stella! Hope she had the best day! These pictures are just so precious and full of joy! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Audrinajulia - Belated happy birthday Stella! Nice to see you grow through the blog post of your mom. May God continue to guide your path. Wish you all the best.

    Such a bonus to see all your photos here Amanda after cutting your connection at instagram. In the first place it’s the little things started all here on your blog where i also first read your post. Best regards to your family.


  • Sarah Nadine - I love seeing you in the pictures too! It’s good to make sure she’ll have sweet memories of mama there. My little guy turned 4, and we had an outdoor movie as well … such sweet, special memories – I love it!

    Bisous xoReplyCancel

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