Well-Worn & Weathered

I love the way well-worn, weathered objects make me feel. I’m drawn to the sense of time they reveal and the way each imperfection makes our home feel like a little history museum whispering stories of the past. Because each of these old pieces come from so many different places, eras, and backgrounds, they create an orchestra that moves me and continues to drive my curiosities. I am amused by the dents, the nicks, the blemishes, and the fades. They push me to wonder and stir me to delight.

I am on the introverted side, a rather quiet noticer and a pay attentioner. Are you? I believe it’s one of the reasons why these kinds of things are meaningful to me. To really see something, and then to feel it, is a lovely and bewildering thing. It gives me so much such joy to persistently renew the nooks and crannies of our home as I decorate each shelf and corner with tales and treasures from the past.

A bit of consideration for the little things and the character they bring to a space is quite a grand gesture, I think. And because I am ever-changing, just like the four seasons outside of these walls, so too does the energy inside them. When you look at decorating in this way, it becomes much more than moving pieces around. It becomes emotional.


curved wood bedside table | amber apothecary jar | a few poetry books | white enamel pitcher

botanical wall art

copper strainer | small woven basket | red-rimmed enamel cookware | old window turned pot rack

“grace” painting | woven basket | blue floral lamp | ivory barnwood dresser 

green and gold mountain painting by robert wood | milk glass vase

floral botanical print | enamel cupboard | amber apothecary jar | old soap tin

silver canisters | tin strainer | vintage cookbook | wood snack bowls | mason jars

poster bed frame | wool pink coverlet | milk glass vases | large white quilted pillow cover

In each photo above I’ve listed the various items that have been found second-hand at thrift stores, antique houses and so forth, each one weathered and well-worn in their timeless beauty. Have you ever considered the following questions:

How does the way you orchestrate your home make you feel?

My answer: I want a home that is calming and comforting, a refuge from the world, but also want it to inspire and make us feel most alive – a creative space that invites our imaginations to wander freely. The juxtaposition between the two is key. I want to feel as though I have just taken a big belly breath, filling my lungs from bottom to top with fresh mountain air, feeling rested and rooted in contentment, yet on the other hand, stirring to learn, to make, and to leap into my curiosities. Both calm and creative is the goal, I suppose.

What are your goals when decorating your home? What kind of story do you want it to tell? 


  • Amy - Such an inspiring and calming home. I love that many of the pieces were searched for and collected over time … that’s my favorite way to decorate. My five-year-old daughter just came over as I was reading and saw the picture of Stella’s bedroom and FREAKED! She said, “I want that bedroom!” It is darling. I notice you don’t have curtains or blinds in her room? Does that work ok with them falling asleep/waking up?ReplyCancel

  • Kaitie - Most of our home is filled with second hand items also, I love he unique story they tell. Do you plan to do a city guide for Kansas City? My husband and I have a road trip to the Midwest planned this fall and that’s one of our stops. I’d love to know the best places to eat and thrift!ReplyCancel

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