Manifesting with Full Moon Energy | Choosing Harmony Over Conflict

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Does the moon fascinate you? Move you? Help you slow down and practice mindfulness? It does for me. I have been observing the moon ever since I was a little girl. I’d look up often, intrigued by the ever-changing thumbnail hung high in the sky by an invisible thread, that illuminating sliver of silver that whispered to me—a glowing reminder that I am a small chapter in a much larger, much longer story. However, it has only been until recently that I’ve been manifesting with the moon, the difference here, aside from mere observation, being I have been paying closer attention to how it’s ebb and flow affects my inner compass and energy.

About nine months ago I happened upon an article about HSP—highly sensitive people—that casually mentioned how people who tend to be on the more sensitive side of the sensitivity spectrum (and in my case, heightened sensitivities that can certainly overwhelm) can benefit by paying closer attention to the natural rhythms of the world to receive respite and harmony. I don’t recall the name of the article now, but if you identify as being someone who’s senses are triggered more than others around you, i.e. loud noises, bright lights, tight clothing etc. you may indeed be an HSP. Here is an interesting site you can wormhole through.

Alas, the moon was calling and I was listening. I began my journey by reading up on her mysterious ways in this book and on various online resources. I began charting my period, something I hadn’t don’t in a long time, and took to my journal once a quarter to jot down how I was feeling at that point in time in relation to the moon and her phase. There are four moon quarters by the way, and eight if you want to really get into the nuances of this practice, but I like to keep things simple, so let’s stick with four.

  1. New Moon
  2. Waning Moon (1st Quarter)
  3. Full Moon
  4. Waxing Moon (3rd Quarter)

We are currently in the third phase of the full moon, and last night it was at it’s peek of 100%! I could feel the energy, could you? While my upcoming book, Homesong: Mindful Homemaking Rooted In the Rhythm of the Seasons, goes into moon manifesting much more thoroughly, I thought it would be fun to share some wisdom I’ve gained along the way on my journey in case this is a subject that piques your interest.

What I do when there is a New Moon is set an intention. I let my intuition guide me through this mindful process, and it’s either a word, a phrase, a positive action, or overall theme I do my best to embody throughout the entirety of the moon phase. Each sequential rhythm of the moon then offers me a pause to reflect on that intention, and gather whole myself to look inward. I was raised Catholic with large Catholic grandmother whom I love dearly, who also happens to think the words of Harry Potter, the music of Enya and other connections to the natural world via mysticism and a forth is everything against our family’s religious beliefs. I am not going to dig into this subject further, but I do want you to know that I absolutely think one can practice a religion, be spiritual, and still find deep-rooted connections to the energies of the natural world. I do not think following the moon is a dis to Christianity, as I believe God (whomever or whatever that represents specifically to you) has created it. So, here we are, on a paradoxical quest to become more whole, with moon stuff and all.

My intention with this New Moon arose from Pinterest, which gave me a quote, which then gave me a pondering. It was a summary point from the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz that read, “Don’t Take Anything Personally” and then continued to share that, “Our personal belief system makes us feel safe. When people have beliefs that are different from our own, we get scared, defend ourselves, and try to impose our point of view on them. When someone gets angry with us it is because our belief system is challenging their belief system and they get scared. They need to defend their point of view. Do not become angry, create conflict, and expend energy arguing when you are aware of this.” Hello, truth bomb. I found my new intention: harmony over conflict.

With everything going on today and everyone ready to offer their firmly held and mightily correct opinion, these words were a balm to my soul. I felt them profoundly and wanted to carry them with me throughout this moon phase so I could come to better embody courage and compassion. Intentions are all about helping you become a better version of your current self, no matter the season you are in. It’s commonplace now more than ever before to throw your belief system in other’s faces on social media, and because my work takes place in that realm, it’s not uncommon for me to feel the negativity from such anger, even when it’s not directed at me! It’s second-nature for me to absorb the emotions of other, sometimes internalizing them if down or anxious, which isn’t healthy I know, but’s part of being an INFJ. Tired of the acronyms yet? While challenging, this ability to absorb one another’s emotions is also how one can cultivate empathy and grace, so it’s not all bad. 😉 That being said, it has been my goal to weave more harmony into the world around me, particularly social media, knitting peace into the tapestry of my life instead of conflict in a time where we could all use one giant group hug.

So where does this leave me today as I sit underneath a Full Moon sky? Creative! Bursting with positive energy! The Full Moon has lead me here to this online home fo mine to use my gift and passion of writing to share these ideas with you. Full Moon energy is abundant and free, but it requires positive action to manifest. You can be surrounded by creative energy with so many bursts of inspiration, but until you move and act, it will sit there and become stagnant. So today, I write. I act. I weed my garden of unruly thoughts and I choose harmony over conflict. I share this with you because I would have loved to read something alone these lines a long time ago. I share these words, far from being an expert in all things moon and what it means to manifesting with it, but as a curious woman who is determined to keep choosing good, as someone in perpetual pursuit of harmony during my time here on Earth.

Where does one go from here? I am going to keep my intention on my heart and use it to fuel my actions and mindset throughout the rest of this current moon phase when encountering other’s anger based on their perception of my beliefs. I am going to revisit the idea that not taking anything personally does not mean I care less. And lastly, I am going to keep looking up and lookin in—two things that you can do when looking through the glow of a screen. Change is happening, and opportunity is present, right here, right now. Let go of what is no longer serving you and giving you life, and water seeds of harmony or whatever your intention may be, so it can blossom and flourish.

Do you manifest with the moon? Does this topic intrigue you? Do tell! For the curious from my recent Instagram Storieshere is the Moon app that I use and enjoy. Happy Full Moon, Homesong readers!


  • Meg - This IS fascinating!
    Question – what have you found about charting periods and the moon’s phases? Do you have a resource for info on our cycles + the moon’s cycle??
    Thanks! : )ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Yes!!! I am SO fascinated!!!
    Just read this last night and can’t get over the perfect timing of this healing, transformational Full Moon. (On my last day of chemo!)

    • admin - Michelle, you are a warrior! Rooting for you, sister! xx AmandaReplyCancel

  • Nicola - I started doing this around January this year and am learning more and more all the time! This is something that women have been doing for years before us, they have been gathering together on each full moon in sacred ceremony for thousands of years to amplify the power of manifestation. Somewhere along the way we women lost this wisdom, we forgot. Now is the time to remember and also to teach our daughters and our sons about the power of the moon. I LOVE this post! Thank you so much 🙏🏻ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Love this! I do follow the moon as welll… and am a sensitive soul. I generally use the full moon energy to let go of what is weighing me down by doing a simple ritual. I write down what I want to let go of on pieces of paper, light them on fire, and imagine them leaving my life. The ashes fall to the ground and are redistributed to the earth to be recycled into a higher calling. XoReplyCancel

  • Jacqueline Beach - Yes. Love this post. Totally there with you; I love gazing at the moon, reading and learning about it. One of my favorite memories is riding in a car with my husband (then boyfriend) many moons ago (haha) and looking at the moon, “Look, you can see the dark side of the moon….OHHHHHH, now I get it!” 🙂
    I also love doing a full moon meditation where you simply gaze at the moon for 5 minutes and release all negative thoughts…

  • Myriam - Love this! I remember talking to a smallholder farmer when I first came to Guatemala, and he explained to me that it’s best to sow a seed when the moon is full – plants naturally stretch towards light. So cool.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - First off, I have been following you since your treehouse way back when it way just you, Andrew, and Baby Stella! I continue to follow you because you empitomize one word… AUTHENTICITY! For years in social media you have stayed true to yourself and have acknowledged so many struggles in such grace and also applauded yourself so modestly in your MANY accomplishments. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR BOOK!!!! So what brought me to comment most in particular abt this post is bc I am very much affected or is it effected ugh… by the moon. I was born on a full moon and have read so much over the years abt how it guides you. So now I have two children, my son is 6 and was born on a waning crescent… his mood is never changed because of a full moon approaching BUT my daughter who is 3 totally is! So here is my question…. have you noticed when or if your children have personality changed or difficulties managing emotions during full moons? Are any of your children born close to a full moon, are you? Ok, that was more than just one question. Anyway, Amanda Waters, THANK YOU, you have been a ray of light, a guiding light, and now a moonshine for this mama!ReplyCancel

  • Erica Armstrong - Wow! I’m so with you right now on manifesting your intentions through moon phases. What has gotten me very intruged recently is the book Lunar Abundance. It’s a wonderful, gorgeous book that guides you though all eight phases. I think you’d love it!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Erica, thank you for the recommendation! It sounds like a good one. 🙂 xx AmandaReplyCancel

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