Porch Rockin’ | A Country Summer Playlist


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Although Andrew and I didn’t expect much more than curb appeal, redoing our front porch last year was one of the best things for our marriage in this season of life. After finding out this old house wouldn’t be able to support the original plans we designed, we decided to at least make it big enough for two wood rockers so we could have a place sit and watch the kids play and chat with neighbors as they walk by. At first I was really disappointed that our dream of adding a wrap-around porch wasn’t in the cards, but soon after it became clear that the porch wasn’t what would make this space…it was the rockers. It’s where we head when he comes home after work if it’s not too hot or raining, where we sip whiskey sours when heading into the weekend, and where we love to have morning coffee if the kids are itching to get outside. I believe there’s magic in rocking chairs and their rhythmic sway. They seem to make things feel lighter and less demanding. It’s also where I love to read and write so I can keep an eye on the bubs when they play in the front. I am tapping away on the keys in this very chair as Alfie tries for the third time today to take off his diaper.

But back to our marriage…we’ve had so many good conversations on this porch in these chairs. Words sort of spill out when we’ve got a steady rock going on, and it’s just been really nice to connect in this way together. Most of them include a bit of good music playing in the background. This summer we’ve really been into both classic and folk country. I know some country has a bit of a bad rap, but hear me out and give this playlist a shuffle before deciding it’s too this or too that. To give you an idea, there’s a mix of Fleet Foxes, George Jones, Chris Stapleton, Johnny Cash, Brandi Carlile, John Prine, and Alabama Shakes, to name just a few. This playlist takes me way back to country drives with my papa and serenades on the fireplace when I’d belt out to my mom’s Patsy Cline CD. Like the best memories. There are some new bands in there too that Andrew and I have come to love and even a few we’ve seen live! If you have a chance to see Willie Nelson by the way, DO IT. We almost named Angus Willie, by the way. I’ve jotted down some of our very favorites and compiled a big playlist of 100 songs for you to enjoy, hopefully on a porch, but if not, anywhere you want to unwind. Enjoy, m’dears!


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  • Emily - Oh no! It doesn’t seem to be working! Is it just me?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Emily, you have to have Spotify to play the link, try that love! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Nicolette - I just wanted to say that i love your playlists! I own a second hand homeware and furniture shop in New Zealand and have your playlists on repeat during the day. They are uplifting and shop suitable 🙂 in fact I love your whole blog, even if it does make me always wish for the opposite season to what we are in down here (currently a very wet and cold winter)! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and family with us xReplyCancel

    • admin - Nicolette, thank you so much for these kind words dear, hey brightened my morning! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Leah - No one better than Patsy Cline and Willie!!ReplyCancel

  • Julia - The link is not working for me also😔.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Julia, you need to have Spotify for the link to work, try that! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Marine Coconvert - Love this playlist thanks ! Listen to your playlists on spotify now love rain plans by israel nash <3 and chris stapleton !!ReplyCancel

    • Marine Coconvert - I see you listen a lot of french music are you french ? cause i am !ReplyCancel

      • admin - Marine, I am not but my brother lives in Paris and we love all things French! Going there later this summer 🙂 x AmandaReplyCancel

    • admin - Marine, have you seen the movie Captian Fantastic? Those two songs are from that film and it is so beautiful. x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Hannah - Have you heard of Jason Isbell? He would fit in perfectly on this list. It looks like you need one more Alabama native on it 😉ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hannah, I have not! I am going to look him up right now, thank you for the recommendation love. x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Kirby Kneebone - Such a great play list I grew up with a lot of country music- Conway Twitty was a favorite of my mum’s and pasty!! You should check out the Tesky Brothers! They’re blues but I think you’d love them!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Kirby, I am going to check out the Tesky Brothers, thank you! My mom loved Patsy and my grandpa, Conway, so this playlist is so nostalgic for me as well. x AmandaReplyCancel

  • jill - i would love to listen to your playlist, however the link that is provided doesn’t seem to work! anxious to hear it though!ReplyCancel

    • jill - disregard what i said, i figured it out! so excited!!ReplyCancel

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  • Carin - Oh no – been meaning to listen to your playlists for aaagges, but Spotify not available in Emirate Apple Store 😔 I’m based in Dubai ..ReplyCancel

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