Summer at Home


This summer I switched out our cotton curtains in the bedroom for some pretty lace ones to let in more sunlight while also maintaining privacy. They give our room a beautiful glow and Alfie thinks they make for a fun peekaboo game. I also got a new lightweight white waffle robe and I wear it every morning. I am such a robe person, just like my mom.



So I am not really a huge fan of summer. I know what you’re thinking, how in the hay is that possible? But guys, I don’t hate it. I just love spring and autumn waaaaaay more. I could go on and on about how much I love those two seasons, and you can bet I will at some point, but because it’s summer I shall tell you a few of my favorite things that only this season provides. 1) wild flowers. 2) wild flowers. 3) wild flowers. 🙂



You can’t tell by this picture, but those linens have been line-dried and smell so delicious. I get a lot of questions about keeping our whites white, and because we do not use bleach in our home I like to take advantage of the bright summer sun to whiten our linens, along with Alfie’s stained white onesies. If you put baking soda and lemon juice together to form a paste, and perhaps a good rub of perhaps a Fels Naptha bar, you can really keep your whites white without harsh chemicals. Just a few ideas for you.



This is the season of parenthood where mom and dad’s bed is for jumping and wrestling. Perhaps you are in this season yourself!? After Andrew gets home from work he always heads upstairs with a trail of excited kids behind like a mama goose, whereupon they almost always find a bed to jump around on together. Theodore loves getting tackled, Stella hops in and just screams really loud, and Alfie is getting the hang of things by observing with the occasional roll around. It’s their special time and I love taking a step back to quietly watch.



This was taken on the evening of our French movie night. We had a slew of our good friends and a few family members over to have yummy food and watch Amelie and Midnight in Paris. Alas, it got rained out so we took to our side porch with lit candles and a lot of wine and ended up having way too much fun. Alfie is in his little French kit here before the party started and I am looking rather excited about something/tired. Exired?



Stella is such a big helper around here. She loves prepping supper with me and enjoys little jobs like trimming beans, peeling carrots, and washing veggies. As I recall, Theodore was off playing with cars at this time, but wouldn’t you know it, Alf is right there waiting for a handout like a hungry puppy. This boy would eat all dang day if you let him.



It wouldn’t be a Midwest summer without some sweet corn. This recipe is beyond simple and everyone loves it, the boys especially. Sauté small cherry tomatoes and a little shallot in a pan with butter. I like to heat them so they brown a little and pop, creating a yummy sauce. At this time I add minced garlic and the sweet corn. Sauté some more. We use homemade pasta when our nearby Italian market has it and this is what you see above. I cook the pasta until its al dente and then add that to the skillet. After letting it all cook together, I add a blend of pecorino cheese and basil that has been mixed well together in the food processor. That’s it!



Stella has been drawing up a storm this summer. This is her still life of garden fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t love it more.



I never want to forget how Theodore eats strawberries right now. You should know, he calls them “dar-bursies” and it meeeelts me. First: you pick the biggest dar-busrie in the bowl. Second: you take one bite out of said dar-bursie. Third: You then place said dar-bursie back in the bowl. Four: Repeat.



It’s a dar-bursie cake for Alfie’s first birthday! What was supposed to be a mini layer cake turned into a big fruity blob cake which I must admit, I kind of love? He attacked it with gusto on the night of his special day with all of us around to watch. It was such laid-back party, the way I think all birthdays should be. Simple and sweet.



Oh, the open mouth baby kiss phase…who wouldn’t want one of those? They have recently begun to be pretty slobbery, which is always a hoot when he reaches in to give us some lovin’.



I didn’t know what to put in our big terra-cotta pots on the front porch for the longest time. I first thought about something seasonal but that’s a lot of work, so I landed on a more practical solution: rosemary! We use it from everything from homemade cocktails, to roasts, to salad dressings. My favorite thing about these big, beautiful pots of rosemary is that it makes stepping through the front door a lovely transition from outside to in because the smell…the smell! Sometimes when walking in I’ll wave my hands through the sprigs and get the yummy oil on my hands. Little things like that make me so happy.



Like sweet corn, summer would not be complete without a small plastic baby pool to play in. We picked one up a few weeks ago after church for a few bucks. Best purchase we’ve made this summer. The kids love it!



Aside from easy pasta dishes, we grilled almost all our meals throughout the season. It’s simple on summer nights (with little to no clean up!) and you cannot beat the taste of a charcoal roasted meal. Most times, I’ll just coat everything in olive oil and add sea salt + old bay and call it good.  Some of our favorite things to grill are: asparagus, fennel, avocados, sweet corn, tomatoes, salmon, whole snapper fish, bone-in chicken, peaches, any root veggie and burgers. I think a good juicy burger on the grill with gooey cheese is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.



And summer at home wouldn’t be complete without a photo from Alfie’s big day, right before he downed a slice of his blob cake. I assume he looks scared/perplexed here because I am singing happy birthday a la Michael Scott from The Office, “happy birthday to aaalllFEEEEEE, happpppy birthddddaaay tooooo yoooooooooouuu!” The only way to serenade my boy. xx



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  • Amber - I really enjoyed reading this post. And your photos? So lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - I always love your pictures! I just started a monthly “at home” post series on my blog (inspired by you 🙂 ). But my pictures aren’t nearly as good! Anyway, I love reading your posts! Keep it up! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Marie - i also have the waffle robe from target. i love it. but looking thru your site i noticed when you were holding tiny new baby alfie you were wearing a white kaftan type gown. looked like cotton or linen. i know that was a year ago but do you remember where you got it from. looks really comfortable and so pretty.ReplyCancel

  • Marie - maybe should have been more clear. it’s the picture where you are standing holding him and you are wearing a sun hat.ReplyCancel

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