Summer Shoe Style + A Backyard Picnic

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I am working with Zappos for this post to share my experience with their new summer styles of a shoe I’ve been wearing since way back in high school, Birkenstocks ! You probably have a well-worn pair yourself like, my old Birks that now fit me like a glove. I broke out my new red and white pair on Memorial Day because red and white festiveness, and wore them around the River Market and to brunch before we headed home for an afternoon picnic in the backyard. Originally Andrew and I had planned on laying the boys down for a nap and having a nice glass of rosé while he rested and I looked thumbed some books for design inspiration, but as soon as we got everything set up and got settled, the baby monitor started blinking and our party of two turned into a party of more.  It wasn’t soon after that Gus joined in, and then we started getting rained on by mulberries which lead to a mulberry picking session!

Here’s what you need to have a backyard picnic of your very  own: a sturdy basket to act as a table, a blanket that wont leak through (wool is nice), something to read (our new new book club book just started today!), picnic music, something cool to sip, nibbles if you’re hungry (mulberries work if they’re falling on your head), and comfy everything else.

Here is a bit about Birkenstocks if they are new to you…each shoe is made from high-quality, sustainable materials that withstand the test of time which makes them really comfy and a quality buy. Like I mentioned, I’ve had my Birks for years and they are still some of my favorite sandals because of how well they have held up and fit. They embody simplicity and quality – two things I appreciate. I broke out of my neutral zone with ruby red to brighten up some of my summer outfits, which usually ends up being a lightweight dress or short overalls and a tank. I love the white pair because they go with everything and are easy to slip on.

I ordered my shoes through Zappos on a Monday and they were here on Wednesday morning. Yesss. One of the pairs did not fit so I returned them (with free shipping for 365 days y’all!) and they were here by the end of the week. For mamas who need summer shoes for their family but don’t want to trek everyone the store, this kind of service is so convenient. Theodore’s feet have grown quite a bit since last summer so I got him a classic toddler pair for all our days spent outside. I really love that this pair stays on well because of the back strap, so I am going to order Alf some too because he is always slipping out of his shoes when he runs. Overall, I am a happy camper with our new summer shoes and would recommend Zappos in a heartbeat if you are wanting to order a pair for yourself or a family member. And Birkenstocks! They really do last forever and are such a timeless shoe. I hope this inspires you to try a backyard picnic of your own and some ideas for stylish summer shoes! Summer is almost here!



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  • Francesca - Bought myself a pair of Birks last summer and I absolutely love them! I wouldn’t have survived a week of trekking around Sicily without them, they’re so comfy. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • admin - Francesca, I wore mine all throughout our Europe trip too! I love that they are cute but still so practical when you have a lot of walking to do! Also, Sicily …. dream destination! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Marilu - Love Birkenstocks! I just ordered the white ones you have pictured, and I’m so excited to wear them this summer. The Gizah style sandals were the only shoes I could wear throughout my pregnancy.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Marilu, yay! I have been loving them – so bright and fresh! x AmandaReplyCancel

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