Year-Round Fun With Our Springfree Trampoline



This summer we got a trampoline and it has ended up being the one of best gifts for our family and our neighborhood in more ways than one. I grew up on a cul-de-sac and our neighbors down the street had a trampoline that I remember so well. It was home base for freeze tag and where we’d flock to after long games of hide-and-go-seek in the summertime. “Meet you on the tramp,” was a casual phrase I grew up saying, and I spend hours on that thing playing games with friends under the canopy of trees in their woodsy backyard. This trampoline was rather old and rickety…rusty too, if my memory serves me right, and definitely did not have a wire netting around it. But we had so much fun playing together as a neighborhood crew, and I’ve always wanted to be able to pass those kinds of memories along to our kids. However, it wasn’t until hearing about Springfree Trampolines from my brother-in-law who lives out in California, that we even considered it because of safety issues. He got one a few years ago for his daughter, my niece, and raved about it.

This brand is different from all other trampoline brands in that it provides safe play for the whole family as the world’s safest, highest quality and longest lasting trampoline on the market. We knew if we were ever to get one, that the safety features would have to be really, really good, with no exposed springs, a net enclosure, soft edges, and a hidden frame – and this one doesn’t even have springs! Springfree not only exceeds our safety expectations, but has also has passed safety tests with a score of 93% in Australia and New Zealand (where the product was created) while the other brands tested scored between 28% to 36%, and is supported by a full 10-year warranty. When Springfree reached out earlier this year, we had already been researching the company and were planning on gifting one to our kids for summer birthdays! We knew the kids would love it, but what we did not expect to happen this summer and the months following has been truly the best gift of all.

Within the first week of us getting our trampoline, we found out that we had a many little neighbors living around us than we had even realized. Seven, to be exact! And all around the ages of our kids! Where had all these little ones been? For real, the trampoline brings the kids to the yard. As soon as word spread that there was a fun, new toy that everyone could play with, we got to meet all sorts of new/old neighbors, going on five years living in this home. I still can’t believe we didn’t know them sooner, because all the kids and adults get along so well, but better late than never, and we are just so grateful this gift ended up bringing everyone together.

These new meet ups turned into family BBQ’s, which has turned into parties and playdates. Because of this, we spent a good majority of our summer slowing down and spending quality time in the backyard with new friends. It has been really special and unlike anything we have experienced as a family before. Andrew and I dreamed of a neighborhood like this, where our kids would grow up playing with neighbors after school and on the weekends, and I know it might kind of cheesy, but if it weren’t for our Springfree trampoline, I don’t think we would have all met! What we assumed would be a great way for our family to spend more time outdoors burning off energy has turned into a beautiful expression of community. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to get one, we absolutely recommend it and think it would make a wonderful Christmas present for your family. We ended up going with the Medium Round, which is a great size for a backyard…not too big, not too small. Let me know what questions you have about it, I am happy to answer!


 If you’re on the fence, for the first time ever, Springfree Trampoline is discounting its trampolines up to $500. Just use code SANTASAVINGS when you order online or call in.


Happy jumping!



This post was sponsored by Springfree Trampoline and all opinions, words, and photos are my own. I thank you dear reader for supporting the brands that help support this space. Because of my partnerships, I am able to make, write, and share with you! 

  • Robyn - hi! I’ve been debating one of these. Will you leave it out all winter? I believe i see lots of snow in your posts during winter months. I’m in Michigan and debating it. ThxReplyCancel

    • admin - Robyn, we will, yes! We are in Kansas City, and get our share too. There is a cover you can get as an add on if you’re needing it. xx AmandaReplyCancel

  • Jessica Smith - Hi,wow these all shape with different sizes are great , I also would like to share my experience about Trampoline,I think round trampoline is best for kids but its depend on you which kind of trampoline you want for your family … here we are enable to help you for choose suitable trampoline for your family. For moreReplyCancel

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