We Found Our Forever Home

But first, a bit about our current home.

It’s funny how life works.  One day you aren’t looking for homes, per se.  The next, potentially buying one.  A weekend passes and you’ve got yourself a new set of plans entirely.  And then, because God works in the most humorous ways, you stumble upon something quite extraordinary without really having had to look for it.

We found our forever home.

It happened through a friends of a friend who was selling their sweet home and had not yet put it on the market.  A phone call was made and we just happened to be the perfect buyers.  With its farmhouse style, large windows, picket fence, and lovely outdoor space, we knew after walk-through that we were indeed home.  We will be moving in the middle of June which means only a few more weeks in our tiny, beloved treehouse.

Moving is such a bittersweet chapter in our lives.  This home is like a dear family member to us.  It has given us shelter in many storms, given us a front seat to listen to the birds, and shown us how to live in closeness with one another.  We have memories seeped in the woodwork that we will take with us in our hearts.  Like bringing home theodore.  Or having our littles share a bedroom.  So much good has happened here.  With its rich history and simple charm, this home has won our hearts each and every day since we bought it just a few years back.  We love this place and I cannot lie, there’s a big part of us that hates to move on and see it go.  There will be tears on that day, friends.  But the truth is, we have outgrown it.  There are things we just cannot do while living here, such as expand our family, which we would like to do in the near future.  Yep, this watters clan has plans to grow!

We know that years down the road we will talk about this place, our treehouse, with joy and satisfaction.  It has become a part of us, as homes should, weaving itself into the very fibre of our beings, becoming one with our family, always giving of itself and showing off in the process.  I mean, the natural light in this place is unreal.  That, we will miss.  But are trusting our journey.  We are being patient.  We know that our path has been carved out by God and that he is giving us just what our family needs.  With that, we are ready to take that leap together, but sweet little home on fifty first street, we will never, ever forget you.

And soon, you will get to hear all about our new home.  Gosh, it is ever a dream.

  • ashley - Amanda, I am so excited for you! And your current home is SO beautiful!! If it was on 3 acres I think I would be begging you to sell it to ME! You’re a beautiful homemaker- you all did your current home SO gorgeous, I can only fathom a new farmhouse!!!! Best of luck!!ReplyCancel

  • Miriam Wilson - The images here aren’t loading for me 🙁ReplyCancel

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