Homemade Citrus Sugar Scrubs , Two Ways


Every once in awhile, l’ll have one of those, “Shoot, I could make this myself!” moments. Sure, there can be convenience in buying things pre-made, and of course, some pre-made items are well outside what I am capable (and willing) to make. BUT! As you’ve surely read here before, so many things we use everyday are seriously simple to make. And affordable. And fun. And sustainable in many ways, one being your footprint, not having to leave the house, another being the the fact that you know exactly what is being put into said concoction or potion, which you control and can make organic and chemical/toxin-free! I have shared many simple + sustainable homemaking and household recipes here on Homesong, and over my short break I realized how much I miss doing so.

Being pregnant right now my fingers and toes are swelling and in need of some relief. My stretched skin in general some extra lovin’ so i decided to treat myself to some citrus sugar scrubs, one for relaxation and the other for reducing inflammation! Each scrub takes less than 5 ingredients to make, ones I happened to already have at home, so they were ready to use within minutes. These would make lovely valentine gifts for friends or lovers, or teachers too! 



1 cup organic cane sugar

1/2 cup sweet almond or jojoba oil (or your favorite carrier oil)

30 drops essential oil

To Reduce Inflammation | 15 grapefruit EO + 15 lemongrass EO

To Promote Relaxation | 15 orange EO + 15 lavender EO


To prepare, mix all ingredients above and store in glass containers up to one month. To use, rub into your skin during a warm shower or bath to exfoliate, and rinse clean. I think my next sugar scrub will be made with brown sugar to give more exfoliation, and some herbal essential oils like rosemary and peppermint. Now, for a bath! xx


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