HUGE Homesong Holiday Giveaway 2018!


Our tree is up, festive wreathes with big velvet bows are hanging outdoors on windowpanes, and fresh cedar garland is draped wherever I could reach. It’s December! It’s Christmas! Each year when this special time rolls in with all it’s bells and lights and stars, I ponder on how I can give you, dear reader, along with this community, something special to show my heartfelt appreciation for all the support you’ve given throughout the seasons we’ve shared. 

This space wouldn’t be what it is without you, and I don’t tell you enough just how grateful I truly am for the time and energy you continue to offer this space when you stop by for a visit. I know you’re busy and your plate is full, so I thank you from the deepest part of my being for believing in Homesong and giving my online home a cherished piece of your day in the often chaotic flow of life.

It was always my intention to create a space that honors simple things done with care, for it’s not only the mantra of this here blog, but also our family’s grounding philosophy that we work passionately to fold into the rhythm of our day. We value slow, sustainable, soul-filled living, and Homesong offers me the beautiful opportunity to shine a light on aspects of our journey with you. 

In thinking up what I could do to show you my gratitude, it seemed fitting to share a handful of small, family-owned shops that I believe share in this same ethos of simplicity + intention…shops that are working hard to make the world a better place by offering alternatives to what our mainstream culture would rather us buy—which is disposable, plastic, fast-made stuff. These shops tell a different narrative and operate from a landscape cultivated with purpose and peace with their missions are ones of connection, curiosity, and wonderment. 

I am delighted this Christmas season to host my very first Homesong Holiday Giveaway offering three (yes, three!!) of you with the opportunity to win over $400 worth of beautiful, well-made things to want, need, wear, and read to tuck under your tree this year. In addition to this giveaway, each shop is very generously giving each one of you a discount on goods with the code HOMESONG from now through Sunday, 12/9. You can see the details of each shop’s discount below! 

If you have yet to buy gifts for loved ones, little ones in particular, I hope you find inspiration here and take the time to check out the gift guides I’ve put together. We do Santa in our home, and for years now have followed the Want/Need/Wear/Read theme for gifting, along with various stocking stuffers and small trinkets. Below are some favorites from each shop, echoing this simple theme to give you some ideas if you happen to do the same! 


To Enter This Giveaway…

  1. Head to my Instagram page and follow each of the six shops mentioned below. They are linked there for you.
  2. Share ONE item from any of the inspiration want/need/wear/read boards below you have your eye on in your comment on Instagram.
  3. Tag 1 friend (minimum) in that same comment who you think would love or benefit from this giveaway.
  4. For additional entries, repeat steps 2-3 sharing another item you love from the shops listed.
  5. All three winners will be selected on Sunday evening at 9 PM CST.
  6. Good luck loves!


Participating Shops!

Brimful Shop | A small shop full of modern and whimsical toys focused on simplicity and use of natural materials.

Sarah’s Silks | Home of all things imaginative and silk to spark your little one’s imagination through creative play.

Wild Creek Co. | A mindful shop for little ones that invoke wonder and curiosity while supporting organic, recycled and fair trade products.

Min Erbs | Maker of nature-based wellness products and remedies passed down from generations of healers.

Fin and Vince | Creator of heirloom clothing and home goods that embody timeless and charming design.

Lil Bellies | An imaginative shop for little explorers who have a love for nature and this sacred earth we share.


Homesong Holiday Giveaway Discounts using code ‘HOMESONG’| 12/5-12/9

Brimful Shop | 15% off for the Homesong community

Sarah’s Silks | 20% off for the Homesong community

Wild Creek Co. | 15% off for the Homesong community

Min Erbs | 25% off for the Homesong community

Fin and Vince | 15% off for the Homesong community

Lil Bellies | 15% off for the Homesong community


Homesong Holiday Giveaway Amounts for Three Winners | Chosen 12/9 at 9 PM CST

Brimful Shop | $50 per winner

Sarah’s Silks | $100 per winner 

Wild Creek Co. | $50 per winner 

Min Erbs | $75 per winner 

Fin and Vince | $100 per winner

Lil Bellies | $50 per winner 


Want, Need, Wear, Read 



Winnie Doll 

Wooden Bowling Set

Wooden Digital Camera Point and Shoot 

Rustic Little Wooden Hammer and Wooden Box

Insect Specimens 

Castle Stacker

Bow + Arrow 

Wavee Board 





First Words Magnetic Poetry 

Wooden Play Clips 

Paci & Paci Clip 

Silk and Wood Teether

Linen Bedding

Quiet Time Bath Powder

Linen Hair Bows

Bolga Baskets





Linen Apron 

Cozy Rompers and Layette Essentials

Silk Capes

Little Explorer’s Ultra Hydrating Body Cream 

Knit Pixie Bonnet 

Play Silk Crown

Little One Chef’s Apron

Enchanted Mini Playsilk Set





Ollie’s Ski Trip 

9 Months Book 

Winter Board Book 


A Year of Forest School

The Root Children 

My First Book of Nature

The Story of the Snow Children



How about this giveaway?! What are some of your favorite items above? THANK YOU for being a part of this scared space and online community. I so appreciate you, and hope you continue to have a blessed holiday season. xx Amanda


  • Stephanie leech - Hi Amanda! Been a long time follower here 👋🏻

    I love you and I love you blog and insta! What an amazing giveaway! Talk about a blessing. I’m sure happy you’ve also introduced these shops to me, I really try to only shop local and family owned!

    Question, my Instagram is private, does that affect the chance of winning?


  • Sarah King - What a great giveaway. I entered several times and would be incredibly thrilled to win. Love your blog Amanda… it’s helped me become a more thoughtful and simple parent and human being.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Hello Amanda! This is such a lovely giveaway! I appreciate all you do in sharing with other mamas helping us to appreciate the small things💛 and showing the ups and downs of motherhood. it’s so necessary and helpful and supportiveto see others going through the same things. thank you thank you thank you 😘❤️ xoxoReplyCancel

  • Lolo Bartlett - Hi Amanda,

    Long time follower and just wanted to stop in and say hi : ). This giveaway is amazing and my fingers are crossed 🤞ReplyCancel

  • Diane Peterson - Hi Amanda, I am a fairly new follower but I just love your posts on Instagram. You are real and honest and it so refreshing.ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Just started following you recently but love your old world yet simple aesthetic. They calm yet graceful tranquility you embody/exude is something I aim for in my life and home and your posts inspire me to do so.ReplyCancel

  • Hillary - Love this post! Always looking for cute gift ideas! Such a lovely giveaway with great brands!


  • Marisa - I’m so happy I found your blog through Finn and Vince. It is beautiful and thank you for doing such an amazing give away!ReplyCancel

  • Hilty St Denis - Thank you for this great giveaway.ReplyCancel

  • Sara Tyberg - Hi Amanda, I started following you on instagram about a year ago and have recently also been reading your blog. You have inspired me to slow down and live more simply and thoughtfully. What an amazing giveaway! I already follow a few of these shops and have purchased items for my children from them. Thank you for introducing more shops that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.ReplyCancel

  • Misha - Hi Amanda,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! It’s so meaningful because I know how much thought and time you put into bringing items into your home, so it makes these items extra special. I’ve been following you for many years and you bring much needed peace and calm to my daily social media scrolling 😊

    With gratitude,

  • Lacey - Hi, I recently started following your Instagram page and am really inspired by the space you’ve created and the intentionality behind your lifestyle. It is encouraging to read and see! Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Farai - Relatively new follower here , but boy am I glad I found your blog. It’s been really soothing to my soul these past couple of months. Thanks for all you do.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Hi Amanda!
    I’m a new follower and I’m excited to read your blog. This giveaway is amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Chesley - I had hoped you would post some gift ideas this season! Thanks for pointing us to these wonderful shops.ReplyCancel

  • Cassidy - Hi Amanda! I’ve followed you for quite a while. Your posts are so grounding and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your life with us. And thank you for such a generous giveaway. Happy holidays ❤️ Joy to allReplyCancel

  • Sonja Bee - LOVE the shops you have introduced us to. I can see a few things right off the bat that are MUST HAVES. lol I do have one question about the draw. Is this for your American readers or can someone from Canada take part?ReplyCancel

  • Sallie - I’m no longer on Instagram so I’ll miss the give away but thankful for the discount codes! Merry merry!ReplyCancel

  • Emily Wondree - What beautiful gift ideas! I honestly love it all. Thank you for the chance at winning credits from the most wonderful shops, sweet mama!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Love your blog! Super excited about the giveaway! Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Robin Wilson - Hi! I am a new stay at home mom (RN for 10yrs) and it took me a long time to adjust! Well I finally adjusted and I am loving it! I’m loving ALL of it, but the hardest thing was learning how to play with my kids(I know doesn’t sound hard but it was so difficult in the beginning!) and IG Momma’s like you have totally helped me find my way! Thank you! Another big step was is transitioning to homeschooling! I love so many things you recommended, those beautiful satin capes, the rustic little hammer, a year of forest school, all of it lol! Thanks for such a beautiful giveaway! And the inspiration!!ReplyCancel

  • Shoumuos - I’ve been a follower of years for years, you’re the first one that inspired be to venture in the beautiful world of essential oils 💗 such a huge generous giveaway! Thanks Amanda and everyone that worked hard to make this happen.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - I am so beyond thrilled you put together another holiday gift guide, last years Maker-Reader-Pretender was so lovely I really did anticipate the next.
    As a mama who tosses back and forth with the idea of giving over receiving and also wanting to bring the joy of gifts to my little ones I so so truly appreciate (and LOVE) the ideas on your boards.
    This year I have embraced the Want-Need-Read-Wear and my first step was reusable wooden tags for my littles from Bannor Toys identifying each of the four. They are beautiful and I hope to adorn them on a few of your handpicked board items xo. I’ll be scouring each shop

  • Selena - So thrilled to find this giveaway before it closes (fingers crossed!) and your wonderful gift guide! I just got quite a few ideas for this Christmas as well as more to add to a list for when my little one gets a bit older. Thank you for sharing Amanda!ReplyCancel

  • Kalle - Hey there! My name is Kalle. I’m a wife and mama, cultivating an intentional life in the mountain state(West Virginia). I’ve been a long time follower and reader of this incredible blog. What a blessing it’s been to me, in many ways! From nantural cleaning tips, to organizing our life and home. The rest and retreat from January changed the way I use social media in the best way. Thanks Amanda’s for creating this blog! I also can’t wait to hear who wins this amazing giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Love your blog and I’m super excited about this giveaway!! There are so many amazing pieces we would love to have in our classroom!❄️♥️❄️ReplyCancel

  • Hannah - Oh i am feeling everything on the READ inspiration board, esp. The Forest SchoolReplyCancel

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