Snow Day Magic


Early in the morning yesterday with the winter sun yet to rise, we got word that school would be canceled with a snow day taking its place! I vividly remember the joy I felt when seeing my school’s name scroll across the screen on the local news if we had gotten several inches in the cold, dark night before going to bed. Stella was ecstatic at the news and the boys followed suit. Eager get outside, the kids and I went out in our warm wools and chunky knits after a big breakfast to try out their new present from nana and papa. Ever since unwrapping their wooden sled on Christmas Eve we have been waiting for snow to fall so we could pull the munchkins around the neighborhood. It held Alfie and Theodore perfectly as I huffed and puffed up and down the sidewalks and on into our backyard. Despite my constant chasing after the kids, I am so out of shape. It’s a bit embarrassing. With all the wrapping and layering it took us about thirty minutes to get all geared up to go outside and we spent about the same amount of time (or less) playing in the snow. I had a ball with them and learned that the magic and wonder of a snow day is definitely not limited to little ones!

Once their little fingers started to get too cold we hustled back in to play blocks and trains by the fire Andrew made us before he headed off to work. We stayed in our jammies and made snowman crafts and listened to old country. I forgot how much I love Randy Travis and the twang of his southern voice. Per their begging, Andrew took them for another spin around the block when he got home and I watched from inside the warmth of our house. They looked so small far away, like little gnomes all bundled up. At one point the four of them fit nicely inside one windowpane as I looked on, the heat of my breath fogging the glass. After they made their way back home and the two of us un-wrapped and un-layered our babies, we settled in the kitchen for leftover soup. I wasn’t too thrilled about leftover soup to be honest, but when you’re cold and hungry, leftover soup sounds mighty good and it was.


  • May - These are all so beautiful- I have the best childhood memories of snow days! I hope my own children will as well 🙂 Amanda, do you mind sharing what camera and lens you use for your blog photos? You have such a talent!ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie B - oh my gosh! I have never met another soul who appreciates Randy Travis like I do. Or Old Country, for that matter. Girl, I’m sure you know of “Ants on a log,” but if you don’t or haven’t heard it in awhile, have a listen!! Its my favorite of his. Love this snow day post. Makes me SO nostalgic for northern winters. And its so true, mom would take us all out in the morning (or just send us out when we were old enough to roam the neighborhood on our own) and dad would always take us out again for intense sledding and tumbling when he got home. LOVE this post.ReplyCancel

  • Mariell Øyre - Wow! I love this, and I’m obsessed with the house with so many wreaths. Making it my 2017 christmas inspiration (too early? no?).ReplyCancel

  • Francesca - I loved reading this post, sounds like you had a really lovely day. 🙂 We’re having snow too right now, but unfortunately I have an exam coming up and that means I can’t spend any time playing in the snow!ReplyCancel

  • Niken - looks like too much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Glad to see your wreaths still up! My husband I decided that we didn’t want Christmas to be over just yet, so we still plug in those Christmas lights on our tree everyday! It’s drying up a bit, and I’m constantly sweeping up pine needles, but it looks just as pretty as ever. We live in the Rockies and snow is EVERYWHERE, but it never fails to look beautiful. -27 degrees here today, so no playing outside for us, but when the weather warms, we’ll be out in it. Happy New Year to you and your family.ReplyCancel

  • Victoria - Hi Amanda

    Please excuse the randomness of my question as it’s not even remotely related to the content of this blog post.

    I recently bought a diffuser for the first time. The instructions say to only use oils and blends from the same brand as the diffuser itself. They write that not doing so could clog and destroy the diffuser. The thing is I have a ton of other oils from different brands and obviously want to use them. Do you think there is actually a chance that oils from other brands could damage the diffuser? Or do you think it’s a marketing ploy to ensure users purchase their line of oils?

    Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks!

    • admin - Victoria, so I am not sure about the brands you are using but I wouldn’t think it would matter unless the essential oil you are using is not of therapeutic grade. I am assuming they would not fix the diffuser if you diffused a different kind of oil because they are all distilled differently. Diffusing oils that are of the highest purity and quality is everything and a lot of companies out there use fillers and other chemicals that can actually be harmful. I use YL oils and believe in everything this company stands for. I hope this helps! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • sarah - i love classic sleds like that! my first winter in germany i noticed that most of the kids still use the traditional kind (they probably go faster than the plastic saucers) plus they’re way nicer for pulling littles around the block!ReplyCancel

  • Haley Dennis - Hi Amanda 🙂

    Seriously in love with these photos and side note, totally getting ready to make your bone broth recipe! Quick question: may I ask which style of northface jacket it is that you’re wearing in that top photo? It looks so cozy and warm! I just purchased a similar looking jacket from patagonia that I ended up returning because it wasn’t warm enough but this one looks like it might do just the trick!

    Thanks! xoReplyCancel

  • Rosie cooney - Love your blog, recipes and the
    Awesome pics. You rock!ReplyCancel

  • Mommy Chick of the Month | Amanda Watters from Homesong | Baby Chick - […] Your home is truly picturesque—especially in the snow! You seem to draw so much joy from being there and making it a wonderful living space. Tell us your […]ReplyCancel

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