Back to School Lunch Inspiration with Black Forest


This post is sponsored by Black Forest | Makers of Organic and Classic Gummies and Fruit Snacks.



It’s back-to-school season! Every mom’s favorite season, right? This year I’ve partnered with Black Forest to share both our love for their Juicy Burst Fruit Flavored Snacks (a favorite snack of our kids because they are truly delicious, and a favorite of mine because many of the colors you see are derived from plant-based sources!) along with some lunch inspiration as we begin a new season of schooling. The kids take along their lunches, and to keep things easy, I always try to hit each of the five categories:

• 1 main 

• 1 fruit 

• 1 veggie 

• 1 savory snack 

• 1 sweet treat 


We’ve been using these sustainable bento tins for a few years now and love them, as they divvy up the lunch contents helping keep food separate, which they love, reminding me to make sure to pack more than just a main. Their growing bodies and hungry tummies love the following: 


Main Lunch Ideas: 

• Roll ups | There’s something about putting ingredients in a wrap, rolling it up, and slicing it into little bites that really entices our kids to eat their lunch. We rotate from turkey + cheese, to hummus + veggie, to almond butter + raspberry jelly. 

• Brown rice with carrots + peas 

• Pasta salad + chopped veggies + cheese

• Hard boiled eggs 

• Cheese quesadilla triangles + guacamole or salsa 

• Hummus + pita bread 

• Bagel + cream cheese 


Seasonal Fruit Lunch Ideas:  

• Cuties or clementines 

• Berry salad with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries 

• Sliced watermelon 

• Kiwi halves 

• Apple slices + almond butter 

• Grapes clusters 

• Mango slices 

• Peach slices 

• Banana halves 


Seasonal Veggie Lunch Ideas: 

• Sliced cucumbers or pickles 

• Caprese salad on a skewer 

• Mini carrots + ranch 

• Celery + almond butter 

• Root vegetable chips 

• Edamame 

• Snap peas + hummus 


Savory Snack Lunch Ideas: 

• Pretzels 

• Roasted chickpeas 

• Trail mix 

• Herb crackers 

• String cheese 

• Popcorn 


Sweet Treat Lunch Ideas: 

• Black Forest’s Juicy Burst Fruit Flavored Snacks, of course! | They are bursting with real fruit juiceand are made from thoughtful ingredients, are gluten-free, fat-free and an excellent source of vitamin C.

• Yogurt cups

• Fruit leather 

• Applesauce 

• Banana bread 


What are some of your school lunch go-to’s? We hope you give Black Forest Juicy Burst Fruit Flavored Snacks a try—they can be found at most grocery stores, drug stores, warehouse clubs and convenience retailers nationwide, and are available in a variety of sizes. 

xx Amanda



This post was sponsored by Black Forest and all opinions, words, and photos are my own. I thank you dear reader for supporting the brands that help support this space. Because of my partnerships, I am able to make, write, and share with you! 

  • Julie - Our family has eliminated single use plastic, such as Black Forest products. Perhaps their products are available in the bulk aisle where you can fill your own reusable container? Your bento boxes are a beautiful choice!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Osorio - The lunch snacks ideas are great and very helpful because my little daughter begins preschool this September! I’m excited & 😬 for her! I would love to read more of your newsletter!! Any ideas to make my life easier of a 3 y/o is welcome!! Thank you! 🌷ReplyCancel

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