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Rosemary Lavender Honey Simple Syrup

I have been putting fresh rosemary in my morning coffee for years now, lavender too. I tend to gravitate

Daffodil Sunrise | A Spring Playlist

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST    We flung open the wide kitchen doors this week and welcomed in

Let’s Pickle!

It’s high summer at home, my friends, which means prime pickling seasons is upon us. Have you pickled

Wild Violets 4 Ways | Simple Syrup, Tincture, Candies and Lemonade

  Wild violet, one of spring’s many welcome signs that fancy up the grass with vibrant little

Mindful Library | 10 Beautiful Books for Little Gardeners Ages 0-10

Happy spring, Homesong readers! I have waited SO LONG to type these hopeful words in this little online

Growing Lessons | Top Eight Tips for Fiddle Leaf Home Care 

I cannot tell you month we got our fiddle leaf fig, or where we even got her (our local nursery, I think) but