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Happy Halloween! Carve A Fairy Pumpkin House

Last weekend we filled the living room with sheets and sheets of old newspaper, preparing ourselves for the

Listen | Seasonal Folk Songs for Little Ones: Spring & Summer

Click Here To Listen to Seasonal Folk Songs for Little Ones: Spring & Summer   I cannot remember

Handmade Lacing Cards + Creating With My Hands

What does your family do for Easter? What traditions are you creating that your babies will carry with them as

Year-Round Fun With Our Springfree Trampoline

  This summer we got a trampoline and it has ended up being the one of best gifts for our family and

Newspaper Noel Stars, Mindful Meditation, and Other Holiday Magic

It was a fairly quiet week and weekend over here at the Watters’ home, and it was much needed by

On Martinmas & Lantern Making

Beneath the leaves that lie about, the seeds and bulbs do sleep Safe and warm in Mother Earth, through the