the shape of our family

this morning has been a slow drip of a day thus far.  a real gem.  sounds of tiptoes on our creaky floors and the avett brothers are echoing throughout our home.  chicory coffee is on the burner just barely starting to whistle.  stella is scribbling away humming nursery rhymes we’ve been learning at the library, and theodore is mastering the art of the snuggle with his dada.  it feels like home.  

since having our darling boy, life has been sweeter.  sure, it was sweet before, but now a different kind of sweet is slowly pervading our lives.  a real syrupy sweet that is clinging to everything it touches, glistening and creating a subtle refection.  

as the shape of our family has changed, so have our thoughts and regard to the marrow of life: time together.  we have been cherishing our quality time spent under our cozy roof and have been making time for new rituals.  together, the four of us are figuring out how to balance our new dynamic.  some moments are beautifully strung together like clothes drying in the breeze, while other moments are more tornadic in nature with everything flying around in need of settling.  but you just have to laugh through those times and remember to breathe.  no one said it would be easy.   

as a means of learning how to juggle our new brood, andrew and i have been discussing the importance of listening.  listening for that faint cry that means it is time for someone to nurse.  the sound of a toddler’s tone turning rather impatient indicating she is in need of some one on one time and perhaps a good cuddle.  listening to new music as a family, while teaching stella the words and some silly dance moves.  and then there is the ever important listening to our own bodies and minds as parents.  giving ourselves the attention we need to be the best version of ourselves for each other and our little ones.  to acknowledge when it is time to nap, to get some nourishment, another glass of water, or to simply have a good cry.  so much is changing right now we really owe it to ourselves to listen deeply.  and to remember to breathe.  that alone is has been our saving grace.

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