our first week as four

oh, how time flies.  it has already been one whole week since we have taken theodore home from the hospital.  the four of us have fallen into a comfortable routine of sorts and are simply loving being home surrounded by all of our comforts.  there is nothing better than getting in warm flannels and sipping strong coffee at home on the couch with a baby in wrapped your arms and toddler snuggling nearby.  a whole lot of that has been going on over here and we have been soaking in the solitude of it all.  

i must say, theodore is a gem of a baby.  a real sweetie.  he is a laid back little boy who’s easygoing nature begs one to cuddle and bask in the scent that is newborn.  one of his favorite things to do i’ve found is to nestle on my chest after a good feed.  it warms my heart so and renews my soul.  most times, i just keep him there close to my skin long after he has gotten done nursing.  every time i look down and see those pouty newborn lips sticking out and his wrinkly forehead i am reminded of the beauty of motherhood.  it really is the best feeling being able to nurse this time around.  despite not getting much sleep, being able to feed my sweet boy is something i am very fortunate to be able to do. 

not much to our surprise, big sister stella has been a fantastic helper.  she is my diaper and wipe getter and an expert outfit-picker-outer.  of course, she has had some meltdowns here and there, along with some clingy moments sprinkled throughout the day, but overall, she is adjusting to everything as well as a two year old should.  her world has been turned upside down and one can’t blame her if she spats every now and then.  it’s hard being two, i tell ya.

andrew and i are looking forward to the rest of this cozy autumn season with our babies.  simple weekends spent going on walks in the park and taking long naps together is all that is on our agenda.  well that, and a healthy does of smelling theo’s fuzzy head.  i wish i could bottle it up and smell it for always.  

if this wonderful week is any indication of things to come, we are in for a real treat.  

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