A Spring Supper Picnic



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The weather has been so beautiful and bright here in Kansas City this spring. Albeit, the temperature has been little all over the place, but nice nevertheless as long as the snow keeps making its home up north. The kids have been wanting to take supper to the park for a picnic so the other night we packed up the car and headed thata way. One thing Andrew and I adore about this city is that when the weather is pleasant, everyone flocks outdoors to get sunshine and fresh air. It wasn’t like that where I grew up in Iowa. Sure, I spent a ton of time outdoors running and playing and such, but people mainly kept to themselves in their own small communities. I did not grow up with the same park culture that we have here. It’s really nice being in the company of other families who like us head to the park for suppers when it’s sunny and warm.

A few hours before Andrew got home I made a cold avocado pasta salad with grilled veggies and cut up a big cantaloupe. Pasta and fruit are crowd pleasers and easy to eat on a blanket. I didn’t even pack bowls, just enough forks for everyone to dig in, which means less clean up! I threw in a few beers and a soccer ball and when we got to the park we found a cove between the pines to settle in. The five of us hung out together and listened Willie Nelson. The little ones took turns running around the ground that was frozen not long ago between bites of noodles. Alfie joined Theodore in wrestling daddy and I taught Stella how to kick and dribble and run with the ball. We all came home with dirty feet ready to curl up in bed, smelling like freshly cut grass. These family nights, these moments spent together, they are my magic. Most of the time as a parents we feel like we are winging it, not really sure if what we are doing is best or right or whatever. And then there are pockets of time that stand still and assure us that hey, we might just have a few things figured out.


  • Debby - Oh lovely! Could you list the recipe for that pasta salad pretty please, it looks delish! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family memories.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Mittler - love that first photo. so good.ReplyCancel

  • JESSIE JONZEN - Oh friend! I live for days like this! I feel like it’s harder to see the seasons change here in Southern California because the weather is almost always the same, and while I feel like people might stone me if I complain about this weather, I DO miss the change of seasons I experienced living in Sweden (tear!). And when I think about it, perhaps that’s a big part of why I don’t necessarily feel that our forever is here? Emotionally, I find myself craving those changes.

    Anyway! Going off on a tangent there. All that to say that I FEEL the joy in your photos, the joy that this time of year brings when you’ve been anticipating it for so long. And also, that photo of you with Theo on your shoulders took my breath away! Frame it, frame it, frame it!! <3 xxReplyCancel

  • Linds - Such a beautiful family! Can I ask about your skirt? Where is it from and how do I look like you in it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jordan - Any chance you could please share that pasta salad recipe? My mouth is watering! All of these pictures are so beautiful, you have a lovely family!ReplyCancel

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