Flowers, Always, and Always: Bringing Blooms Indoors


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“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet


Oh, to be surrounded by beauty! I honestly think life’s too short to live otherwise. Spring has really sprung outside these walls and it has been quite the show off this week. To spruce up the place I have been snipping every other day or so, bringing in bright springy colors to fill our days with bits of things that make us smile. Flowers do that for me. A simple snip of something green does that too. Seeing them grace ledges and sills is like a bunch of little hugs for me throughout the day. Sitting effortlessly wherever I place them, these blooms come to life in the sunshine while calling to my more nurturing side as their caretaker. How bout’ our garden daffodils! Aren’t they the happiest springtime flower? They remind me of the newness of the spring season and give me reason to to pause and practice gratitude.  Intentional acts like bringing in nature goes a long long way and the details, the little things, they sure add up.

To the blooming flower that finally opened its buds, to the rich scent of lilacs making its way up up up to our bedrooms where we sleep, to the small and delicate little white flowers that make me feel like we live in a fairy tale because something so tiny and perfect must be from a land of winged creatures. I just love them all. And all of this beauty is growing right outside in our garden no less! No trips necessary to the market to scoop up the latest and freshest looking delivery. Just a minute, with or without shoes, my sheers in tow and we’re well on our way to a home that feels homier. These little touches, these whispers of nature, they are what I feel truly makes a house a home…or at least it helps nudge things in that direction. If you don’t have any flower bushes growing outside of your home pot some herbs for cooking and cocktails. It will really make a difference in your kitchen. I planted mint a few weeks ago and it has taken off, ready to be propagated into a bigger pot. Mint goes nuts and is very easy to grow, I’d start with that or basil if you’re wanting to start easy.

Enjoy the flowers this season dears! Have fun arranging them in fun little glasses and jars and such, and don’t forget to change the water daily so they stay fresher longer. Come to think of it, this is a chore your little ones can do for you! And a helpful tip: I always add one to two drops of purification essential oil to the water before placing placing the branches inside. This oil blend is made up of lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, lavandin, myrtle, and melaleuca essential oils. It’s known for being gentle on skin and can be used in many applications for both beauty and home, a practical and useful oil that for whatever reason also keeps blooms looking their best!


  • Rachel - I love this! Such a small thing makes such a cozy home. Where do you get your little glass jars? I have never seen one like the one in the first picture by the bed! I love it.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Rachel – I got a bunch of these from Hobby Lobby during their glass sale! They came with cork tops and I use them for flowers and our essential oil salt blends for bath time. I just store the corks in a drawer and use them if need be. I think they needed up being 50 cents each! A real bargain. x AmandaReplyCancel

      • Rachel - Thank you! One just opened by me and I’ve never been!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Woodbeck - Amanda, you are the homemaker I aspire to be! Everything you do is perfect. You are an inspiration! xoReplyCancel

    • admin - Ashley, thank you for your kind words. Homemaking is my joy and I love that I get to share it with you all! Blessings! x AmandaReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Hello! I so agree, snippets of green and any little flowers always brighten the day. Especially when their brought in by tiny baby hands covered in mud😊
    Where is your striped bedding from?ReplyCancel

  • Krystal - I love having plants and flowers around the house! I am looking to plant some flowering bushes…other than lilacs, what other flowering bushes do you have. I would love to be able to just go out to the yard instead of buying flowers 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jasmine Eclipse - Love, love, love fresh blooms in the house! It makes everything a tad bit brighter and happier. Great photos!ReplyCancel

  • Jette - You have created (are creating!) such a beautiful site, and I totally agree with you that it’s wonderful to surround yourself with flowers… but why should I cut them, thus shortening their lives and destroying them?! It seems like such a waste when there are so many other ways to bring plants inside!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Beautiful images! Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the tip about the purification oil!ReplyCancel

  • 15 Tips For a Calmer Week » Homesong - […] Grab some flowers or something green and growing to toss in a vase – this always makes me feel more settled and content. […]ReplyCancel

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