Homesong Rest Retreat | Preparations Week Zero


Hello, dear friends. I am writing to you from my new sacred space high up looking out to the frosty treetops where I see thin sheets of ice are clinging to outstretched branches, that in every other season but this one, delicately shade this old home of ours. It’s a space feels fresh and alive, and smells richly of juniper, sandalwood, and black spruce—a woodsy escape right here in my bedroom as I begin my journey.

Crafted just this morning, this quaint but inspiring little spot is one that welcomes me in and invites me to let go, just as I welcome you in and invite you to do today before we begin. It’s a corner of this busy world just for me, a sweet spot in our home, and slow and silent refuge for my heart and soul’s wanderings. I wanted to make a harbor that I could sink into mindfully with gentleness and grace, and our bright bedroom is just the place. I moved my antique wooden desk up here a little while ago to sit beneath the wall of windows facing the southwest side of our home. Even on a dreary and gray day such as this one, it’s cozy, light, and full of warmth. On my desktop I have just a few things: a small oil lamp for golden light, a new green plant for life, my computer for sharing with you, a new journal and pen for reflecting, coffee for savoring, a sheepskin to keep my back comfy, and my oil diffuser to balance and ground my emotions as I write.

Your first assignment is to make a sacred space for yourself. It doesn’t have to resemble mine at all, but it should speak to you and reflect the calm you so desire. It could be a seat at your dining table, a corner of your living room, a desk in the hallway, or anywhere you feel gives you respite with renewed energy. Wherever it is you choose to make your sacred space, do so thoughtfully, simply, and with care. This spot will be where you do most of your reflecting if you can, and will be a home for your throughout this Rest Retreat.

Assignment One: Make a sacred space and share that on Instagram as your photo for this Rest Retreat. I will do the same.

Once you have your space set up, pull out your journal and give yourself some time to answer the questions below. Your answers can be as long and reflective as you like, but make sure to give yourself complete freedom when answering them. No one will read your words but you alone. You have a permission slip to let go and say whatever it is you want—things you’d never dream of sharing on social media. How freeing, right?!


Reflection Questions Before Beginning: Complete before January 1st

  1. Why, in this season of your life, does this Rest Retreat appeal to you? Why do you need this break from social media right now, and what do you hear your soul telling you?
  2. What does rest look like specifically for you? Give detailed examples of these things and note why you find each one to be restorative.
  3. In what ways does social media, and screens in general, make you feel unhappy, anxious, agitated, and/or unfulfilled? You can be as specific or as general as you’d like.
  4. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the Rest Retreat?
  5. What does a perfect day look like for you?


Weekly Practices: Complete before January 1st

  • READ Maria Popova’s article on Brain Pickings titled An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on Happiness and How To Live With Presence. Journal your reaction to this piece, and then write about how you feel you could be more present in your own life. How is spending a lot of time on social media an abstraction that can keep you from living a more present life? What does social media unhinge within you? Do you agree that, “Happiness isn’t a matter of improving our experience, or even merely confronting it, but remaining present with it in the fullest possible sense…”? This article is rather long and existential, but what other kinds of questions or thoughts arise when you read it?


  • LISTEN to Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese below. Note how her words make you feel, and then also, how hearing her voice rather than merely reading this poem affects you. What does Wild Geese shake and stir up within you? In what ways do Oliver’s words welcome you as you are?


  • WATCH the TED talk below and write down three ways you can incorporate some reasonable stopping cues into your day. We will revisit these cues in the following week.


  • DO consider taking up a physical practice to implement and get your body moving this month. I have just joined a local yoga studio and will be taking weekly classes, but I also plan to walk with the kids as much as possible despite the cold weather. This practice can be in your home or outside of it, but should be free of work and worry. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it is restorative and not too strenuous.


  1. Log off of all social media before January 1st and review the Rest Retreat Schedule. 
  2. Check back here each Monday, or in your mail inbox if you subscribed to Homesong, with another round of weekly reflections and practices. Including this Preparations post there will be five Rest Retreat posts in total.
  3. PRINT THE REST RETREAT CALENDAR ABOVE and write out the weekly practices (READ, LISTEN, WATCH, DO) you plan on doing throughout the week so you can affectively manage your time. If you are someone who wants to do everything in one day, that’s alright, but I highly suggest you split the reflection and practices up so you do not end up too overwhelmed. Follow the directions on the calendar and give yourself two days a week off for rest – mark those with an “R”.
  4. When you check in on Monday for the following week’s work, you can share as much or as little about this retreat as you’d like in the comments section for the week you’ve just finished. I will be doing the same.
  5. Take a long, deep breath in and exhale. Enjoy this time away from the tug of social media, and allow your heart to open up and feel the fullness and beauty that being present will offer you in this season of your one wild and precious life.

With Love and Care,















  • Ashton - Love this so much Amanda! I am such a geek and can not wait to listen to and read all of these talks and resources. Learning new things, in itself, is very restful and restorative to me. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this!ReplyCancel

  • CHERYL - I am considering doing this…looks amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Molly - Hi Amanda, when I click the link on this post that says “subscribe to Homesong” it takes me to your home page but I don’t see anywhere to enter info to subscribe. I’m probably doing something wrong but help would be appreciated. I’m so excited about this retreat and feel so lucky to have found you as a source for good in my life. XoReplyCancel

    • admin - Molly, I’ll add you! Thank you for taking the time to let me know, I am happy you’ll be joining us 🙂 x AmandaReplyCancel

      • Emily - Hi Amanda, the same for me too 🙂 The link didn’t work so if you could please add me to your mailing list that would be much appreciated. Really looking forward to this. Emily xReplyCancel

      • Jessica - Hello Amanda,

        I’m having trouble subscribing to your mailing list too.. would you be able to help me out please? I’m so excited to begin the retreat this week! Thank you for putting this whole thing together!

        xo JessicaReplyCancel

  • Jackie - So excited for this!! Thank you deeply for putting this together to share with us. ❤️
    Do you listen to Pantsuit Politics? It’s so good – You might really like it – it’s two very smart women from Kentucky (one Dem, one GOP) discussing the news. They just started a “lifestyle” ? Podcast called The Nuanced Life and there is an episode all about the internet – I haven’t finished it yet, but so far it’s great, full of fantastic thoughts and resources.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Jackie, I haven’t heard of this but I will totally give it a listen, thank you! I really appreciate you sharing it here 🙂 x AmandaReplyCancel

      • Megan - I’m also having trouble with the link to subscribe to your posts. Could you please add me to the list? Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I’m so looking forward to this. I’m sitting down in my cozy spot right now filling out the calendar and starting to read the first article. Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. You’re a gem.ReplyCancel

  • Katie - Thanks for this! Looking forward to participating. Ready for the change that comes with it.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I just finished reading and journaling about the article and thought it was very interesting.

    “Happiness isn’t a matter of improving our experiences or even merely confronting it, but remaining present within it in the fullest possible sense. ”

    I agree that there can be a great deal of value, happiness, joy, and pleasure found when we are really and truly present and allowing ourselves the time to savor each moment. Social media and screens in general can so often rob me of the joy of being present and savoring. I want to be free from the bonds of screens and social media. Freed up to linger, savor, and feel real life.

    However, I don’t believe that true lasting happiness can be found by simply remaining in the present. Experiences are always changing; they range from sometimes joyous to sometimes heart breaking and everything in between. In those experiences I’m not promised happiness just because Ive stayed present and fully engaged. Heart breaking experiences are still heart breaking; sickness is sickness, cancer is is still cancer, death is still death. If I base my happiness wholly on being present in my experiences, I fear that my happiness will waver like sea, not just because my experiences waver from good to bad but also because I’m human and imperfect and no matter how hard I try I will never live fully present at all times. Lasting happiness that is dependant on my own ability to stay present is an illusion. Again, I will repeat that I think there is great value in setting an intention to be fully present in each experience. I want to strive to be present in my experiences not just to find (finite) happiness, but also to FEEL the rawness and real ness of life- the good bad and ugly.

    I thought this article on happiness was interesting…

  • Elizia - I’m stuck on the second question. I have no idea what rest looks like for me :/ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Wish I logged in a couple days ago to get started on the homework! I am, however, already carving out my cozy space for the retreat and am very excited about it!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - Hi, Amanda,
    My husband and I are excited to follow your retreat
    I had a similar experience to Molly in trying to subscribe – please add me to your list.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Valinsky - This Rest Retreat is just the jumpstart I needed for 2018. My husband is in graduate school and even though he’s in health care, technology is a huge piece of school. We have talked many times about both of us ditching our smartphones for one year when he is done.

    While I love the Instagram community, lately it’s been feeling empty, and I am ready to take a nosedive deep into passion projects and former hobbies. Thank you for putting this together, Amanda.ReplyCancel

  • Jen - Thanks for pulling this all together. Now if I could just find a way to pull my kids away from their screens. I’m going to lead by example and then start implementing some rules. xoReplyCancel

  • Geneva Maxwell - Please add me to the list.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Smith - I am having trouble subscribing to your blog and I would like to participate in the rest retreat…ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - I am so excited for.this retreat! This is exactly what I need in my life right now. I tried to subscribe but I am having difficulties. How do I subscribe?ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - My friend shared your blog link on her facebook page a couple days ago. I had never heard of it, but when I heard she was doing a social media retreat, I was immediately interested! I am alarmed at how much the idea of leaving Facebook, IG,etc for a month has concerned me, a sign I need to do this, I’m sure! I had almost talked myself out of it last night. But I really feel like I need to reset my life. I need to do this. I deleted the apps this morning. Thank you for creating this and leading us through this retreat!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine - That brain pickings article! I found myself scribbling down so many passages to reflect on.
    I was also really convicted by the idea of stopping cues. I am definitely on my phone more than I want to be and at times that I don’t want to be. I think creating a mental marker to stop (or at least force myself to be aware of what I am doing on my phone will be very good for my mental health.
    Thanks for putting this together, Amanda! I’m really looking forward to it!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Anyone else having a little anxiety about quitting social media cold turkey for the month?! I am and am wondering what I am so fearful of?! Having these feelings is all the more reason why I know I need this. Thank you for this Amanda! And these links have helped SO much and now I’m getting excited! ✨🌱🕊✨
    To personal growth in 2018! 🥂ReplyCancel

    • Katie - I think the idea of losing connection or not “being in the know” on things. I am trying to figure out how to fill those holes. I am guessing there will be more that comes up for me….ReplyCancel

  • Kate Whenham - Please add me to your rest retreat email list:)ReplyCancel

  • chera - I’m excited to join….been thinking about it since you first posted and as of last night,I’m all in! Feel very grateful that you would take the time to find resources to read and questions to answer. As an “I wish I was a journaler” i’m happy to have some questions to guide my thoughts!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Hi! Looking forward to the retreat =) I am having trouble subscribing. The link takes you back to the same page and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the website (other than subscribing to your book club, which I already do!). Please let me know how I can subscribe. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Sara Cook - Could you please add me to the email list? I can’t subscribe for some reason! Very excited that I found this! This has been on my mind for a couple weeks, and this was just the push I needed!ReplyCancel

    • Danielle Lindwall - I too would like to be added to the email list. I also cannot subscribe either 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I am definitely on board with this & have already started & look forward to Week One’s post 😊ReplyCancel

  • Jillian Baauw - So excited to begin this journey! This has been a desire within me to do something like this so I deeply appreciate all the thought and effort into creating this Amanda! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Alice - I need this retreat as a new Mom. I’m having trouble subscribing. Please add me to the list. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Franki - This is just what I need to begin the new year. I have been feeling such a disconnect over the past while – due to overly busy schedules, school starting and then the holiday season, and of course too much screen time/idling on social media. I can’t wait to begin this rest retreat and really feel present and connected with not only my family but with myself.
    I also would love to be added to the subscription list but had the same problem mentioned above. If I could be added that would be wonderful!

    Thank you for creating this retreat – it will be the breath of fresh air needed to bring in 2018.ReplyCancel

  • Amelia - Thank you for providing this opportunity and guiding me in this direction! I’m looking forward to disconnecting as much as possible in the upcoming month! I feel as though this will help me reconnect with myself as well as be a better mother / wife / family member & friend. Having 2 kids in less than 2 years has made me lose touch with myself. This opportunity is helping me dive into the realm of journaling and self care that I so desperately need. As others said before I was also unable to subscribe. Please add me when you get the chance! Thank you! 🙏 ✨🕊ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Schad - I can’t get enough of Mary Oliver’s poem and voice and the way it makes me feel. It lifts me like fallen leaves suddenly swooped up by a gust of wind.ReplyCancel

  • Lovelle Budiman - Hi Amanda, would love to join this rest retreat and the questions already reveal how much I needed this break! Are you able to please add me in the email list? Many thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Caeli - Just finished the assignments for before the 1st. So excited for this month. One day off and its already been so refreshing. Today at church, the song “Bring me a Rose” was played. The Limeliters have a great version. If you haven’t listened, do. Its beautiful. Thank you for putting this rest retreat together, Amanda. I’m so excited!ReplyCancel

  • Liz - I’m so excited to start this today, thank you! I know I’m a good mom, but I feel like everyday I’m running around with no direction. Hoping this will help me refocus, be present and gain some clarity. Best to everyone on this journey this month!!ReplyCancel

  • Tierra - Please add me to your email list ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Emmy-Sue - I am so looking forward to this month away from the screens that rob us of our time. Even week zero has been challenging and thought provoking, the perfect season to reflect on habitual actions and the cause behind them. I am so inspired by your blog Amanda and excited to join in this along with you and so many others seeking rest from the technology and virtuality that drives our lives so often! Thank you so much for putting this together!

    P.s. Though it seems to be a common problem, and not just my own naïveté, I too am having difficulties and would love to be added to the e-mail list! Thank you!

    With all love + grace,
    La Sauvageonne ✌🏼🦁ReplyCancel

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  • Ericca - I’m so excited to be part of this rest retreat! It is a much needed break and the prefect restart to the year. Just wanted to say that I found a book at my favorite thrift store called “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach and it’s the perfect additiont to this retreat/the whole year. If you haven’t heard of it, I’d highly recommend checking it out! Thank you for so carefully putting this retreat together, I couldn’t be more excited for this grounding period.ReplyCancel

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  • Kathleen - I got started a couple days late but all social media is off my phone and I’ve gotten started on the preparation activities. I LOVED the TED talk – I had never really thought about natural stopping points and how social media doesn’t have them. I”m looking forward to reading the BrainPickings article later today.

    I know the post says we should be getting new materials on Monday but I have not received anything yet. And of course I can’t look on social media for any updates – hah! Hope everything is okay. I’m looking forward to this month!ReplyCancel

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  • Holly Hoffman Minutaglio - I’ve just finished journaling all of the week zero prompts, and wow! I have a lot of little a-ha moments, and hopefully some things have come up that will help cement this shift in my habits. For me, I’m really hoping to achieve a lasting change in my social media use. I have tried in multiple ways, on multiple occasions to change how I use Instagram, in particular (I quit facebook about 5 years ago, which was pretty easy for me), but I always go right back to being on it way too much way too often. I’ll pick up my phone & open the app without even thinking about it and boom, half an hour is gone.

    Right now, my soul says, “stop! you’ll never get this time back. it’s too important!” I have all the motivation & intention, but have the hardest time with lasting implementation. My main goal with this Rest Retreat is to come out with an anchored rhythm in which social media plays a minuscule role.

    I’m so looking forward to this month! Also, is anyone else texting their friends/family instagram-style photos in lieu of posting? just me?? haha!ReplyCancel

  • Jane - Amanda, I so much enjoyed your prep week material that when you said week 1 was a bit delayed, I just thought “oh yeah now I have more time to work/journal on prep :)).
    Just creating that sacred space for me to journal was a mental exercise and eye opener. As a mama, I was surprised at how little of my home felt like a quiet place just for me. With a toddler and preschooler, even my bed is overtaken at some point in the day! I’m realizing how much of the anxiety I sometimes feel comes from forgetting to set boundaries and make time for myself, even if only 10 minutes a day.
    The natural stopping cue in that TED talk was something I have vaguely thought about before, but when I heard him speak of it, it felt like a lightbulb moment — wow! It’s been a challenge not looking at my phone constantly, but so so so relaxing and refreshing. Looking forward diving into the next set of assignments!ReplyCancel

  • Jess Pickler - Better late than never at all? Do you think I could start tomorrow? ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Vivian Abramowitz - I also am unable to subscribe. Can you please add me to the mailing list? Thank you. (Even the pictures you post invoke peace.)ReplyCancel

  • Heidi - Hi Amanda,

    I’m walking my way through this a little late and a little slower. I’m enjoying it so much and I’m ever so grateful for your thoughts and findings as you’ve bowerbird-ed together so many poignant and powerful tidbits!

    Just a note – I heard a podcast episode from the Slow Home Podcast here in Australia and they were talking about social media and the age of distraction. They referenced a fantastic article I thought you or others here might appreciate reading. You can find it here:
    Also, Brooke and Ben’s Slow Home Podcast is brill if you haven’t yet listened 🙂

    Heidi xReplyCancel

    • admin - Heidi, thank you for sharing this! I read the article this morning…what a fantastic read. “It is very common for humans to develop things with the best of intentions that have unintended, negative consequences” – gosh yes. Such important things to consider and think on – it makes me want to keep distancing myself from social media altogether! And I also appreciate you sending the link to the Slow Home Podcast, what wonderful conversations they are having! xx AmandaReplyCancel

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