15 Tips For a Calmer Week


  • Set an intention for the day – infusing positive energy into your day can make a world of a difference!
  • Take along flavored water – I am not a very good water drinker, coffee is another story, but adding things like mint, oranges, and cucumber makes it more refreshing.
  • Meal plan – don’t leave supper plans to the last minute so you feel rushed, and make a crock pot meal or two each week.
  • Grab some flowers or something green and growing to toss in a vase – this always makes me feel more settled and content.
  • Get outside at least once a day – I truly believe fresh air is the best medicine right after laugher and bear hugs [see below].
  • Follow a cleaning rhythm – rhythms invite calm and connection into your day.
  • Turn the notifications off your phone – and instead, set a time of day to check email etc. so your phone does not control and demand your attention.
  • Go to bed early – at least two or three times this week to let your body really rest.
  • Clean the kitchen before bed – a clean kitchen can set the tone for your day and will give you one less thing to do when you wake.
  • Wake up early – every day if you can manage it for a bit of early morning solitude.
  • Pack your lunches – mason jar meals like layered salads and things like wraps are easy to make ahead.
  • Have a TV-less evening – recharge in other ways like reading, stretching, or talking with a friend.
  • Make the bed – this always makes me calmer, sides tucked in tight and things in their place.
  • Play good music – a positive playlist or two is a must if you’re in a funk or need soothing.
  • Give someone you love a bear hug – preferably until both of you end up in giggles.

What are some things you do to help your week flow more smoothly?


  • Jackie - Love these tips. Something we have started is “Sunday Planning.” Each Sunday evening my husband and I will sit down and look at our coming weeks. Is there a night he works late? Is there a time I could use an assist with the kids? We also go through tasks that need to be accomplished (he needs to call the landscaper this week!) and also discuss our family relationships. We try to discuss each child and their needs/struggles/accomplishments. It’s been a really great way to start the week and has helped prevent misunderstanding or stressful situations. And, when something comes up with one of the kids that doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately, it’s nice to know we have that time already set aside to discuss.

    So enjoy your blog.ReplyCancel

    • Jackie - LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - These are truly wonderful tips and ones I strive for. I would add a candlelit bath or two, with wine and a favorite podcast.
    Also plan something fun for yourself – I find I’m always happier when I have even just a little something to look forward to: A solo trip to the thrift store or library, a special yoga class, a drink with a friend, etc.
    We do something similar to what the Jackie above noted, but our budget/scheduling/relationship/children discussions are twice monthly, in the middle and end of month. We make sure to treat ourselves to a bottle of nicer-than-usual wine. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Just stumbled across your blog through Instagram and am falling in love! Such good tips for a peaceful week. My husband and I have been working on creating routines and planning ahead so that we can get in a good rhythm before we have kids! It has been so life giving! Sending love from Texas.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Loving all of these tips, and am nailing a few!! A few to add to the schedule too. But I always always always struggle with the phone. I seem to have zero self control, and feel it impacting my mood and taking away from quality time spent with bub. Notifications are always all off, but yet I find myself constantly looking at it. Any tips? xReplyCancel

  • Esther @ Inside Out & About - I wholeheartedly agree with all of these. Thank you for putting them together.

    Esther xxReplyCancel

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